Subnautica Resource Farming Guide

Resources are your main enemy in survival games. Avoiding beasts is often not that difficult but not having enough resources in your pod can be extremely problematic as you will not be able to advance further. Progressing into the deeper biomes will require you to farm a lot of resources and this Subnautica Farming Guide will tell you how to farm everything from Titanium and Copper to Diamonds and Lead.

Subnautica Resource Farming

There are two different avenues of farming in Subnautica. The first one is preparation. This will encompass all of the parts where you prepare yourself and your rig to be able to farm properly, as farming in Subnautica is not as simple as picking up an ax and hacking away at minerals.

Once you are done with the preparation, which will probably take a while, you will be able to move on to farming. However, do not sweat it, this part is easy.

As you will read later on, the brunt of the hard work lies in preparation, and once you have prepared the Seamoth and raided the Aurora, farming will get easy from there on.

This will allow you to focus on the important stuff such as exploring deeper and deeper into the nautical world.

Preparation for Farming – Building Cyclops

First of all, you need to collect blueprints for the Mobile Vehicle Bay, which is a Mobile Base. Find it around wreckages in the Safe Areas of the Shallows.

Collect three blueprints and then build the vehicle using x10 Titanium Pieces, 1 Lubricant, and 1 Power Cell.

Once you have built the Mobile Vehicle Bay, you can focus on the Seamoth. You will probably have found its blueprints in the same areas as the Mobile Vehicle Bay ones.

Alternatively, you can search for them in the Grassy Plateaus. This will also require 10 Titanium Pieces and x1 Power Cell but you will need to add x2 Pieces of Glass, Lubricant, and a Lead Piece to craft it.

After this, you have to raid the Aurora. Make a Radiation Suit and head into the Aurora to explore it.

You will have already received plans for the Radiation Suit. Get the x4 Creepvine Samples and x2 Pieces of Lead to make it.

When you go and explore the Aurora, you will need a Knife, a Fire Extinguisher, Repair Tool, Laser Cutter, and a Propulsion Gun to get the most out of your trip.

Get to the Aurora and try to find as many items as you possibly can. Make sure you find the Seamoth Depth Module, Prawn Suit Fragments, and the Cyclops Engine Efficiency Module.

If you want, you can repair the radiation leaks to make subsequent trips here much easier.

The last step is to build a Cyclops. Find its blueprints and construct one. The process should be quite obvious to you by now.

Build a base in a safe area near the Grassy Plateaus and then explore for its items. Once found, you need to start building the Cyclops. Here are the resources you will need:

  • x3 Pieces of Lead
  • x2 Silver (Wiring Kit)
  • x6 Pieces of Quartz (Glass)
  • x2 Table Coral Samples (CPU)
  • x2 Copper (Spool of Copper Wire)
  • x3 Stalker Teeth (Enameled Glass)
  • x1 Creepvine Seed Pod (Lubricant)
  • x30 Pieces of Titanium (Titanium Ingots)
  • x3 Gold (x1 for the CPU and x2 for the Advanced Wiring Kit)
  • x6 Pieces of Lithium (Titanium Ingot to make Plasteel Ingots)

Now you can build the Cyclops and manage your resources quite easily. At this point, you are ready to go out and farm the resources that you will need in Subnautica.

Let’s take a look at how to do that!

How to Farm Quickly

You will easily be able to make a Scanning Base through the resources found in your Cyclops. Pick an area above 200m and build your base there.

Solar Panels will not work below it so it is best if you do not take your base to deeper levels at this point.

Choose a safe location which contains both Sandstone and Shale deposits. A good place would be the Mushroom Forest near the Second Biome from the drop-off.

Make a base in the trees so you are not disturbed by anyone. The base should have a Scanner Room, a Solar Panel, and an X Corridor.

Once you are done with this and have powered up your base, go to the Scanner Room and begin farming.

Use the Scanner Room HUD Chip in the Scanner Room and you will be able to see all of the minerals available in your area.

After that, all you will need to do is to go to the designated area and pick up the materials.

This process will net you huge amounts of return on your investment. You will soon be swimming in Gold, Copper, Lithium, and Diamonds.

Further on in the game, you can make a PRAWN Suit with a Drilling Arm. That will allow you to farm materials much faster.

Eventually, your Scanner Rooms will be built in deeper locations by using Thermal Power Plants and Power Transmitters.

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