Street Fighter 6 Apparently Uses An Adobe Stock Logo

Street Fighter 6 has drummed up a bit of controversy barely a couple of days after being officially announced on the weekend.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, Street Fighter fan and creative director for Ars Technica Aurich discovered that Street Fighter 6 uses a premade logo which can be purchased from the Adobe Stock website for $80.

All publisher-developer Capcom did was round a few corners of the stock logo, add the number 6, and spray a little grunge to call it a day.

Capcom has always gone for flashy and vibrant logos for its Street Fighter games. The new one hence raised a few questions, and particularly after knowing Capcom went for a stock representation instead of creating something from scratch.

Several prominent figures from the fighting game community such as Maximillian “Maximilian Dood” Christensen have already reached out to Capcom to do “something” about the generic Street Fighter 6 logo.

Capcom remains to issue a statement over the matter.

Street Fighter 6 has only received a teaser trailer which features a bearded “Hot Ryu” standing against Luke, one of the new (and last) post-release characters to release for Street Fighter 5. The new fighting installment looks to be shying away from the previous cartoon-ish art style for a more realistic and Tekken-like tone.

A full reveal has been set for the summers, which speculations have led to be during the Summer Game Fest 2022 between June and July.

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