Stray Notebook Locations Guide

Notebooks are important collectibles in Stray that belong to four different characters. These notebooks play a huge role in the...

Notebooks are important collectibles in Stray that belong to four different characters. These notebooks play a huge role in the completion of Chapter 4.

In this guide, we’ll be showing you where to find all four Notebooks in Stray.

How To Find Every Notebook In Stray

Once your interaction with Momo about the Outsiders is completed, you’ll be given a task to find their notebooks.

There are four notebooks in Stray and each one is associated with a certain character. These notebooks are scattered around the Slums, mainly found in the upper flat which can be seen from Momo’s building.

Below we have arranged all four notebook locations for you to find in Stray.

Momo’s Notebook Location

The first notebook is probably the easiest one to find as you’ll find it during your main storyline. Simply have a brief chat with Momo during the main story and you’ll get rewarded with the first notebook.

Zbaltazar’s Notebook Location

For the second notebook, head up to the laundry and find the Guardian ahead. There you can spot the Outsiders symbol on the balcony. Simply jump onto the rooftop to disable the box that is powering the fan. Once disabled, walk across the blades of the fan to get the notebook.

Doc’s Notebook Location

The third notebook can be found in Doc’s own building. You can reach the location by heading up to the rooftop of the Slums. Simply climb across and head over to his balcony located left of Momo’s building.

Head inside and find a bunch of keys laying down on the bed at the back corner of the apartment. Collect the keys and head towards the Piano area to find books on the set of shelves.

This is where you’ll find a safe which holds the notebook inside of it. Use the keys you collected to unlock the safe and acquire the third notebook.

Clementine’s Notebook Location

For the fourth and last notebook, simply head up to the rooftop of the Slums and search for a blue-walled building with an open window. The building can be found opposite Momo’s building and has an Outsider’s symbol printed on it.

You can head over to the building by leaping through the window via the pipeline that connects the two buildings. Hop on to the pipes to reach the building and head inside the side room to come across a computer where you’ll find the notebook next to the screen.

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