Stray Safe Codes And Door Digicodes Guide

Stray is home to not only several types of collectibles but also puzzles as well. These include gathering clues and...

Stray is home to not only several types of collectibles but also puzzles as well. These include gathering clues and figuring out the environments to open locked safes and doors.

The following guide will tell you all the safe codes and door digicodes you need to continue progression in Stray.

How To Open All Safes In Stray

You’ll come across several safes while progressing through the chapters in Stray. These safes are sort of puzzles that you need to solve.

The safe codes are always near the safes themselves but as already stated, you must figure out how to solve the puzzle to get the right codes to open the safes.

Below you will find the safe codes for all of the safes in Stray. You can enter the code to open the safe without any issues. However, if you want to solve the puzzle for each safe yourself, the guide below will be most useful.

Chapter 4: The Slums Safe Code

Safe Code: 1283
The first safe you’ll come across is during Chapter 4. During this chapter, you’ll take part in a side quest that requires you to collect 8 pieces of Sheet Music for Morusque, the Musician.

Grab a mysterious note and head over to Elliot Programming and let Elliot guide you towards Dufer Bar. Once at the location, simply move the picture frame found next to the trashcan to reveal the safe code.

Chapter 10: Midtown Safe Code

Safe Code: 8542
The second safe is found in Chapter 10. During this chapter, you must head over to a store located on the Midtown main road to find the safe code inside the store where an NPC wearing a white jacket is standing.

Head inside the store, and reach its backside to find the safe. As for the safe code, you must decrypt the existing code written on the poster that is facing the safe.

How To Find All Digicodes In Stray

In addition to safes, you will come across locked doors as well which can only be opened with a digicode. To find those door digicodes, you must gather clues and solve the puzzle. Either that or just read the digicodes from below.

Chapter 3: The Flat Digicode

Digicode: 3748
The exit door to the Flat is locked behind a keypad lock and you must input the required digicode to unlock it.

Simply grab your B-12’s flashlight and illuminate the area o reveal the digicode on the portrait in the storage room. Once the code is revealed, feed the code into the keypad lock to unlock the flats exit.

Chapter 6: The Slums Part 2 Digicode

Digi-code: 2511
The door to the Doc’s secret is locked and you must feed the Keypad lock the required Digi-code to unlock it. The digicode is quite easy to find, simply knock down a few paintings on the wall to find a clue pointing towards the clocks above the couch. The clocks will pretty much give away the exact numbers of the code.

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