Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Best Early Game Jobs

Stranger of Paradise is a spin-off game in the Final Fantasy series, and in this game, the Job system is also somewhat changed. There are a lot of different jobs to choose from in Stranger of Paradise, which may get confusing for players who are not familiar with the system. This guide will list the best early game jobs that you can choose from in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin.

Best Early Game Jobs in Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin

In Stranger of Paradise, the players will be able to assign 2 Jobs to the game’s protagonist Jack and switch between these jobs at any time, even during missions.

Some of the 28 total jobs are easier to get the hang of, while some require more exposure to the game’s mechanics to be fully utilized.

For someone starting off Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin, the Pugilist, Swordsman, and Mage jobs are recommended as they are quite useful right from the get-go and are easy to use.

Pugilist Job

The Pugilist Job allows you to interrupt enemy attacks. It is really useful at the start of the game as enemies are weaker at that stage. This job has abilities like ‘Explosive Fist’ and ‘Double Uppercut,’ which are melee attacks and allow you to take down early enemies with relative ease.

In the Pugilist skill tree, many different abilities, counters, and passives are available. It is up to you to invest in those that suit your playstyle.

Marauder Job

The Marauder is also a viable early game job. It has attacks that pack a punch and do high damage to the enemies. Its attack and movement speed are slower than some other jobs, but its attacks make up for the lack of speed.

Combining Marauder and Pugilist jobs is also a good option as both of them are melee jobs, and they will complement each other’s abilities quite well.

Swordsman Job

The Swordsman is another melee job that players can choose in the early game. This path is also great for early game, and later on, it will allow you to unlock higher tier melee jobs like Knight, etc. The interception ability that Swordsman job is so useful, as it allows you to block damage from enemies’ melee attacks.

Swordsman has a shield, meaning that its defense is good compared to other jobs at the start of the game.

Mage Job

The Mage job is for those players who are not looking for close-quarter combat and prefer to fight from a distance.

This job is also a good option to choose, as it will allow you to unlock higher tiers of Mage jobs like Black Mage and White Mage.

The White and Black Mage are advanced jobs that will be unlocked by investing in the Mage job skill tree. These advanced mage jobs have increased damage and better abilities that are vital in mid to late-game.

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