Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Difficulty Settings Explained

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origins comes with three different difficulty settings that players can choose from. In this guide, we will help you understand the difficulty settings of Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin by explaining what changes each one brings.

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Difficulty Settings Explained

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is a Souls-like, or more closely a Nioh-like. With this categorization comes an expected difficulty that permeates the game. However, Stranger of Paradise sets itself apart by including different difficulty levels namely Story, Action and Hard. Let’s see what each difficulty setting brings to the table.

Story Mode

The easiest of the three is Story. It is recommended for players who are simply looking to enjoy the story of the game. All the enemies are weak and the challenge is greatly diminished.

The mode is to allow players to focus on the story and quickly get through the fights in the game so they can move on to the next segment. It is also the recommended mode for players who are new to the third-person Souls/Nioh-like experience. It allows you to pick up on the mechanics easily.

Action Difficulty

The second option is Action. This mode offers a balanced experience and is for players who have some familiarity with the genre and enjoy exciting battles.

The balance between story immersion and combat in the game is well-paced in this mode and it never feels as if you are getting more than you can handle.

The mode is recommended for anyone who’s played a Souls or Nioh game, or someone who thinks that they can pick up on them easily.

Hard Mode

The last option is Hard Mode. This mode is only for those who are looking for aggressive challenges and willing to test their skills in action games. Combat is brutal in this mode and enemies are extremely strong. You will get a beatdown here and is only recommended for seasoned veterans willing to break their limits.

How to Change Difficulty in Strangers of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin

You will be prompted to choose your difficulty at the start, but you have the option to change the difficulty any time in the game. If you feel the challenge is too much, or the game is too easy, you can change the difficulty of the game at any point.

Benefits of Higher Difficulty

Other than the challenge, higher difficulties offer better rewards as well as better equipment for you to use. Equipment is essential to bolster the variety of classes the game offers via its job system and allows you to take on stronger enemies.

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