Stoic Studios Releases Banner Saga 3 Trailer, Talks About Fasolt The Varl

Stoic Studios, the studio who has become known for making the Oregon Trail-like Banner Saga series, has released a new trailer about The Banner Saga 3. The game has apparently been moved up, and it will release this summer. The game was supposed to originally release in December on the PC.

The Banner Saga series takes place in a world inspired by Viking mythology, where the gods have killed one another and the sun, at the start of the story, has stopped in the sky.

The Banner Saga 3 will complete the saga that was started in the original Banner Saga game, where players took on the role of Rook in a Viking-inspired world as they were forced to flee the advancing hordes of the dredge. The Banner Saga 2 ended with the caravan arriving at the human capital of Arberrang, while the darkness driving the dredge south comes closer and closer, heralding the end of the world.

The first Banner Saga 3 trailer talks about a Varl named Fasolt, a minor character from the first game. Originally a varl warrior at the race’s capital of Einhartoft, Fasolt travels to Arberrang to settle accounts of what happened in the first game, where Rook’s caravan destroyed an ancient bridge in order to delay an advancing army of dredge. Fasolt intends to put an end to the ancient varl and human alliance, and players will likely have their first challenge of the game in trying to prevent a fight.

Considering how dire everything is in the game world, with the darkness encroaching and covering everything, and with players having just gotten to what seems like safety (barring the centaurs that fell in with players in the latter half of the game), there’s no telling what will be happening to complete the story in this game.

Players will be able to play The Banner Saga 3 when it comes out this summer exclusively on PC. While there doesn’t appear to be a full trailer yet, you can look at the trailer about Fasolt further up.

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