New The Banner Saga Trailer Highlights the Story

It was recently revealed that the highly popular Banner Saga will be making its way to Sony’s PlayStation 4. Not only this, but the game has also been announced for PlayStation Vita.

Now, a new trailer for The Banner Saga has been released, which emphasizes on the game’s story. You can check out the footage above.

The Banner Saga features a compelling story which, when combined with gameplay, makes the experience immersive.

The Banner Saga is a viking-themed RGP which is only available as a single player game. The gameplay is pretty much similar to Shining Force and Final Fantasy Tactics, with players being able to create a party, in which characters have different abilities.

On the PlayStation Blog, Lance James, Community Director of Versus Evil thanked the fans for their support for The Banner Saga as he revealed the trailer as well:

“The first thing we have to say is “thank you” to every single fan of The Banner Saga who has helped raise the profile of the game and has supported the Stoic team from the start. Your passion for The Banner Saga and the way you have helped spread the word has been instrumental in the decision to bring this amazing and unique game experience to PS4.”

The Banner Saga will be released on PS4 an Vita, in 2015.


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