Steelrising: How To Defeat The Executioner

The Executioner is the sixth titan boss that you will need to defeat in order to advance in Steelrising. You...

The Executioner is the sixth titan boss that you will need to defeat in order to advance in Steelrising.

You will find him in Bastille, at the bottom of the prison castle. He wields an ugly flail with a large health bar.

Do note that while the Executioner is a bit slow due to his large size, he hits for a lot of damage. He also does frost afflictions to stop you in your tracks and open you up for even more damage.

The Executioner is not a boss to take lightly. The following guide will tell you how to read his attacks to take him down with ease in Steelrising.

The Executioner boss fight phases

Phase #1
During the initial phase, the Executioner will focus on applying frost stacks with attacks such as the Ice Blast. Using this attack, the Executioner will swing his flail before slamming it several times on the ground, creating ice formations that deal a massive amount of damage if you get caught in them.

As you drain a good chunk of his health, he’ll use Ice flail as his next attack. This attack will initiate as the boss swings his flail around him. You can avoid the damage by either moving a few steps back and following up with an attack of your own or getting close to dealing melee damage.

Perhaps the most dangerous aspect of this phase is the Guillotine Chain attack the boss uses. Using this attack, the boss will launch his guillotine chain straight at you to deal the most damage out of any other attack during this phase.

However, the good part about this attack is that the chain will get stuck in the floor, giving you enough time to jump aside and deal close-ranged Selenite dash attacks.

Phase #2
The Executioner will be using the same attack patterns during phase two of the fight with the exception of a new attack: the Red Exclamation mark.

When executing this attack, the boss will leap in the air creating a grey gust around him that will massively damage your entire health bar within seconds.

Therefore, in this scenario, you must stay away and use ranged attacks to deal damage. Simply repeat this process and you’ll end up defeating the Executioner in no time especially considering how easily his health decreases throughout the course of the fight.

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