Steelrising Alchemical Afflictions Types Explained

Steelrising has some new game systems in play to freshen up the Souls formula.

Taking down the Tyrant King in an alternate version of the French Revolution is hard enough, but understanding some basic tips and the combat systems will reduce that level of difficulty.

The following guide will explain all there is to know about Alchemical Afflictions in Steelrising, an elemental-based combat system that can help improve your overall damage.

What are Alchemical Afflictions in Steelrising?

There are three Alchemical Afflictions in the game: Flame, Frost, and Fulmination. Doing any of these elemental damages to your enemies will fill a gauge on your HUD. When the bar is full, you can trigger an Affliction on your enemies that lasts until the gauge is empty.

However, you will need to have Alchemical Capsules to do Alchemical Afflictions. You can either loot them from enemies or buy them from the Boutique.

Flame Affliction

The Flame Affliction sets enemies on fire for burning damage over time. You will need either a weapon imbued with alchemical flame attacks or the Alchemist’s Ram to set enemies on fire using the Flame Affliction.


Take note that enemies can ignite you with Flame Affliction as well. If you are on fire, start dodging to extinguish the flames faster.

Frost Affliction

The Frost Affliction freezes enemies for a brief period, allowing you to either heal or charge a powerful blow. You will need either a weapon imbued with alchemical frost attacks or the Selenite Momentum to freeze enemies using the Frost Affliction.

If any enemy uses Frost Affliction to freeze you, start mashing the attack button to get out faster.

Fulmination Affliction

The Fulmination Affliction is basically the lightning element that electrocutes enemies. The Bishop’s Hook will allow you to apply the Fulmination Affliction on your enemies, which goes well with a light weapon type early on in the game.

Take note that you can use the Insulation Elixir (bought from the Boutique) to block any Fulmination Afflictions from enemies.

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