Steam Spy Shuts Down Due To Valve’s New Policy Changes

In the past few years, Steam Spy has integrated itself in the gaming community. Better yet, it has transformed itself into a valuable tool. Seems like the tool just may have come to an end. Apparently, Valve’s new policy changes have forced Steam Spy to shut down.

We all are familiar with how the Steam Spy works, it uses the publically available data to let us know that how many people own a specific game.

Now since Valve’s new policy changes include owned games to be hidden by default on Steam, this has altered the situation.

The available information by default on which the Steam Spy used to work is no longer available publically.

There have been multiple Tweets by Steam Spy’s operators, which have highlighted this issue. That being said, Steam Spy has also announced that it is going to have to shut down because of this reason.

There have been various other Valve’s New Policy changes as well, which are available for you to check out on the official Steam community website.

To be honest, Valves new policy changes should not be much of a surprise. Such changes have been made in order to avoid the kind of scrutiny that sites like Facebook are now under.

So, there is a bit of disorientation now, one side we have a legit policy change that makes sense to the core, and on the other hand, we have to say goodbye to all those legit sales information from Steam Spy, considering the sales information form the publishers are always pretty loose.

That being said, Steam Spy will continue to exist in the form of an archive but won’t be pulling any new data. So that’s that.

You might have heard recently about Valve moving away from Steam Machines. Well turns out that Valve has apparently not given up on them and the Steam Machine’s page is still available on Steam.