UPDATE: Valve Moves Away From “Steam Machine” By Removing It From Steam

Back in 2015 Valve jumped into PC hardware market with Steam Machine, which are expensive PCs from Alienware, Asus and other major companies in the market.

UPDATE: Turns out Valve has not given up on Steam Machines the Steam Machine page is still available on Steam but has been removed due to low user traffic.

Orignal Story: Back in 2015 Valve jumped into the PC hardware market with its Steam Machine, which are expensive PCs from Alienware, Asus and other major companies in the market, however, it seems like Valve is trying to forget its failed endeavor into the PC hardware market as Steam Machine section has been removed from Steam.

The reason why Steam is backing away itself from Steam Machine is that back when it was launched it wasn’t particularly a success as there were delays, cancellations and the price was also high.

Valve envisioned an ecosystem with the Steam Machine in which gamers would play games on the machine using Steam OS with Steam controller. Turns out no one was excited enough for Steam OS, which itself is based on Linux.

Technically, Steam Machine was done the day it launched and now Valve is moving on from its endeavor and has removed the section for these machines from Steam. However, the Steam Machine page still exists but it can’t be reached through the front page.

Speaking of Steam, Valve has introduced a SteamVR auto resolution feature that will let you play games in VR on your low-end or budget GPUs.

As the name implies, the SteamVR Auto Resolution feature measures the GPU in the system and renders the game on a resolution that is possible for the GPU to play the game at an acceptable frame rate for the VR.

While the obvious downside to this feature is that gamers with low-end graphics cards will have to play games at a relatively lower resolution but, the render resolution of the game will not go lower than the native resolution of HTC Vive or Oculus Rift.

What do you think of Valve moving away from Steam Machine? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Gamingonlinux

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