Should You Take Wanted Trait In Starfield?

If you want to increase damage while low on health and attract bounty hunters, then the Starfield Wanted trait is for you.

Wanted is one of Starfield’s traits you can choose while creating your character. The trait lets you deal extra damage while your health is low. Moreover, you can attract more bounty hunters in the cosmos to have extra adventures.

However, be careful considering your picks, as they will be stuck with you for quite a while. I will inform you about removing those traits if you want to get rid of them. Traits in Starfield are removable, but it is tedious to do so.

I will further brief you on the benefits of picking the Wanted Trait and the procedure that follows its removal.

Should you choose Wanted Trait in Starfield?

Wanted is considerably one of the best traits you can get in Starfield. You will be in for many fights as you progress and traverse the gigantic cosmos in Starfields. Additionally, it lets you in over a great perk that helps tremendously in alarming times and polishes your fighting skills.

Wanted Trait, in layman’s terms, can be put as a bounty over your head that has been put by someone that escalates to mercenaries being spawned spontaneously throughout the game as they try to take you out.

Throughout the Wanted Trait, another bizarre event unfolds that showcases different bounty hunters helping you in exchange for the price over your head getting higher. They tease fighting you after the bounty gets high enough but also help you in your current fights in Starfield.


If you are a person who likes to put himself in risky situations that yield great rewards, then this is the one for you, and you should choose the Wanted Trait.

Benefits of picking The Wanted Trait in Starfield

One of the great benefits of picking the wanted trait is the multiple rewards you get. As you defeat the mercenaries in the fight, they will leave you with valuable items like ships that can be acquired easily, provided you have the required perks to pilot them.

You can also register and then sell the ship to gain extra money if you don’t want to pilot it and gain financially. The ships contain valuable aid items like food, medicines, etc. Furthermore, they will also include contrabands in Starfield that hold significant monetary value and can be sold illegally.

Rewards further extend to armor and weapons. The wanted trait also has an exclusive perk that lets you do more damage as your health decreases significantly. This gives you an advantage even though you are still low on health.

How to remove the Wanted Trait in Starfield

Over time, some players can find the action-packed Wanted Trait annoying or boring, and they might want to remove or replace the trait with another. However, removing the wanted Trait in Starfield is neither easy nor easy.

You must travel to Cydonia or New Atlantis and look out for the Tracker Alliance Agent. These agents will help you remove the bounty over your head for an amount if you are willing to pay. Simply approach the Alliance Agent and talk your way into releasing the bounty placed on you.

It is an easy exchange of dialogues that constrains you from paying the agent an amount of 3000 credits. Remember that this is not a generalized approach to removing all traits in Starfield, as each trait has a specified way to remove it. Each trait involves you approaching different NPCs for the removal of other traits.

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