Starfield Vlad’s Villa Location Guide

Visit the Vladimir house in Starfield and get your hands on an amazing weapon.

During one of the main quests in Starfield, players will meet Vladimir at The Key, where he will ask you to visit Vlad’s Villa. This is kind of a side quest, but you can visit Vladimir’s house and get some good loot from there.

Continue reading on and learn about the location, lore items, and everything else to do in Vladimir House.

Where to find Vladimir House (Vlad’s Villa) in Starfield?

Go to the Syrma System. This is quite far, so there would be some jumps in between. The best route is to go to Cheyenne, Sagan, and Hyla and then to the Syrma System. It’s better to equip your spaceship with good engines and Grav Drive so that this journey is faster and easier.

Once you reach Syrma, look on the bottom of the screen to find planet Syrma VII and then go to the small moon beside it named Syrma VII-a. Land here, and you’ll automatically be right beside the large villa that belongs to Vladimir in Starfield.

Where are all the slates in Vladimir’s house?

There isn’t much inside the villa in terms of items, but it does compensate for it with a healthy amount of story lore. Inside this villa, five slates narrate the story of Vladimir when he was a captain. All slates have recordings of his voice and can be found all around the house.

It’s best to listen to all his slates in order; otherwise, they won’t make much sense. Near the entrance of the house, look beside the pool for two chairs with a table in the middle. Go up to the table and find the first Slate.

For the second slate, go inside and turn left inside the dining room. Look for the slate on the table towards the front.

Now, come back to the main area and go upstairs. Turn right into the first room, and just in front of the entrance, there will be another Slate sitting on a small table.

Leave the room in Starfield Vlad’s Villa and go further to the next door on the left side. This will open into a balcony with two chairs and a table. Look for the fourth slate, which will be on this table.

For the last slate, go back into the room where you found the third slate and go inside the door on the right. This will be a bedroom. Look on the right side table and find the last Slate.

How to find Vlad’s weapon, Mutineer?

To get the rare weapon in Starfield Vladimir’s House, go down to the basement. Here, you’ll find a locked door. Use Digipick to unlock this high-level security door and break it. You’ll find a table with a bunch of things scattered along the room. Pick up all the ammo and other items for the inventory. You’ll also find a diary entry that is useful for the storyline.

As for a weapon, you’ll find a pistol called Mutineer in Starfield. It is a unique pistol. It has a Space-adept buff, which causes +30% damage when used while in space but lowers the damage by 15% when used on a planet.

  • Ammo: .43 MI Array
  • Mass: 5.20
  • Value: 40967
  • Mod Slots: 6
  • Base Damage: 181
  • Mag Capacity: 6
  • Fire Rate: 161
  • Range: 30
  • Accuracy: 63.1%

If you look at the wall on the left side of the room, you’ll also find a gun rack. This would have a random weapon here, which would be different for each player. Don’t miss out on that too. Once you leave the house, your quest will be complete.

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