Should You Side With UC SysDef Or Crimson Fleet In Starfield

While doing Eye of the Storm in Starfield, you need to make a desicion about siding with either UC Sysdef and Crimson Fleet.

The decision about choosing UC Sysdef or Crimson Fleet comes as part of Starfield’s main mission, Eye of the Storm. Both decisions have their consequences and will determine the objectives of the mission. Being with Crimson Fleet will allow you to get Key, which will help you in future Starfield missions.

On the other hand, choosing to be with UC Sysdef will give you nothing other than more enemies in the future.

Best choice from Crimson Fleet and UC Sysdef in Starfield

In my opinion, siding with Crimson Fleet in Starfield is the best option. On the contrary, making this decision will result in many of your companions turning against you. If you want to make this decision just for the money, there is no more difference on either.

If you look at the long-term benefits of siding with Crimson Fleet, you will get the Key. After getting that, you can go to various stores that will help you buy items for future quests. This will be made possible by multiple vendors that Crimson Fleet has access to.

On the other hand, choosing to side with UC Sysdef will result in more enemies to deal with in the future. This is because you are effectively eradicating the Crimson Fleet from the existence of the United Colonies.

What happens if you choose UC Sysdef 

The first thing that will happen once you choose to be with UC Sysdef is becoming part of an Eye of the Storm. You and the other UC Sysdef members will attack Crimson Fleet during this mission in Starfield.


This is because both of these factions have bad blood from the past. Following the quest’s objectives, you will first take their laser batteries. The idea is to finish Crimson Fleet, and the mission will progress into an epic battle between two factions.

After that, you must go to the Delago inside the Vigilance, the leader of the Crimson Fleet in Starfield. You will then get the option to kill him or allow him to turn himself in. Doing so will finish the Eye of the Storm and give you the following rewards:

  • “Access to the Vigilance”
  • “Approval of Constellation Companion”
  • 250,000 Credits

What happens if you choose Crimson Fleet

On the other hand, if you decide to side with Crimson Fleet in Starfield, it will also allow you to participate in the Eye of the Storm mission. But here, the objectives will differ, and you will be asked to protect the Key from UC Sysdef.

You might be wondering if we are not attacking UC Sysdef, then who is attacking them? This time, the United Colonies military launched an attack on UC Sysdef. As part of the first mission objective, you will be tasked with holding off the attack on the three batteries.

Be mindful that the severity of the attack will depend on how much you have fed evidence against UC Sysdef to the military. Following the quest objectives, you must get inside the Vigilance ship. After that, you must finish everyone inside, including Commander Ikande in Starfield. Doing so will complete the quest and give you the following rewards:

  • “Access to the Key”
  • “Safe Travel through the Crimson Fleet territory”
  • 250,000 Credits

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