Starfield Tapping The Grid Junction Box Puzzle Guide

The Junction box puzzle during Tapping the Grid mission in Starfield is a complex one to figure out due to number of switches.

While helping out Louisa figure out the source of brownouts in The Well in Starfield’s Tapping The Grid mission, you will have to find different junction boxes to deactivate. The last junction box in the series is a bit complicated to access. This box seems to be locked behind a door and the wiring is all messed up. So it is up to you to solve this Starfield Junction box puzzle in Tapping the Grid mission and flip the switch on the last box.

Where is the last junction box in Tapping the Grid

According to Louisa, the last junction box you need to power down is within the Trade Commission. Go upstairs in Trade Commission and you will enter a room with four junction boxes on a wall with green lights behind them.

You need to deactivate these power boxes in Starfield before you can unlock the door to the last junction box for Louisa.

Starfield Tapping the Grid Junction Box puzzle solution

The yellow door behind which the junction box can be found is locked. To unlock the door, you need to divert power to it from the 4 power switches you saw earlier. The wall behind those switches needs to have 4 green lights before the door can be opened.

If you have attempted the puzzle before, you might have messed up the order a bit. However, if this is your first time with the junction box puzzle, the solution is very simple. For the first attempt, simply ignore the 1st switch on the right. Making your way from the leftmost switch, activate each of them one by one. This will turn on all 4 lights on the wall.

For those who attempted to solve the puzzle prior to reading this, we can give you a solution to reset all the switches and then activate the lights behind them. Below is an image that shows the order in which you need to flip each switch. This should reset the electric box puzzle in Starfield and unlock the door to the last junction.


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