Starfield Best Spacesuits Ranked 

If you want to survive in Starfield, you will need a good spacesuit. These protect you from various damage types and serve as armor in the game.

While traveling through different star systems and visiting hundreds of planets in Starfield, you will encounter dangerous environments, hostile creatures, and enemy troops. A strong spacesuit can be a lifesaver, especially in prolonged engagements. That is why, we have prepared this handy guide that contains the best spacesuits in Starfield, ranked in order. 

1. Starborn Avitus Spacesuit

Starborn Avitus is the most powerful option on the Starfield spacesuit list. Whether you consider damage resistance or environmental protection, this spacesuit is supreme in every aspect. As you may expect, such an item cannot be common in the game. You will only receive it after playing Starfield in NewGame+ mode.  

Below are Starborn Avitus’ very unusual stats: 

Damage Resistance Environmental Resistance 
Physical: 235 Airborne: 50 
Energy: 235 Corrosive: 50 
Electromagnetic: 235 Thermal:  50 
 Radiation: 50 
Starborn Avitus stat table

2. Mercury Spacesuit

Mercury is certainly one of the best spacesuits that planet Earth holds in its depths. It provides a huge resistance to physical damage and protects you from severe environmental hazards. You will find this spacesuit at the NASA landmark while pursuing the Unhearted quest.  

Below are Mercury’s stats: 

Damage Resistance Environmental Resistance 
Physical: 108 Airborne: 25 
Energy: 92 Corrosive: 25 
Electromagnetic: 100 Thermal:  25 
 Radiation: 25 
Mercury spacesuit stats

3. Bounty Hunter Spacesuit

Regarding close combat, Bounty Hunter spacesuit can be a decent choice. Found during Mantis’ Lair quest, this spacesuit is one of the most balanced ones in Starfield. Its damage and environmental stats are pretty close to each other regarding numbers. All this helps you maintain an all-around approach to combat and exploration.  

Below are Bounty Hunter’s stats: 

Damage Resistance Environmental Resistance 
Physical: 128 Airborne: 15 
Energy: 132 Corrosive: 15 
Electromagnetic: 136 Thermal:  15 
 Radiation: 15 
Bounty Hunter Spacesuit stats

4. Mark I Spacesuit

Mark I is an early-game spacesuit found at the Lodge on planet Jemison in Starfield. It provides excellent resistance against physical, energy, and EM damage. The only downside to this spacesuit is its environmental resistance is less than average, though you can make it up by carefully exploring critical areas. Avoid going in air-polluted areas while wearing this suit, as it has zero Airborne resistance. 

Below are Mark I’s stats: 

Damage Resistance Environmental Resistance 
Physical: 120 Airborne: 0 
Energy: 136 Corrosive: 30 
Electromagnetic: 128 Thermal:  20 
 Radiation: 10 
Mark 1 spacesuit stats

5. Gran Gran’s Spacesuit

Receiving a gift from your grandparents is always a pleasure. Gran Gran’s spacesuit is one such gift that may be less powerful regarding its resistance, but the emotions it carries are more powerful. After selecting the Kid Stuff Trait for your character, you will receive it while pursuing your parent’s storyline in Starfield. Your mother will gift this to you by saying that it belongs to your grandmother. 

Below are Gran Gran’s very common stats: 

Damage Resistance Environmental Resistance 
Physical: 76 Airborne: 10 
Energy: 60 Corrosive: 20 
Electromagnetic: 68 Thermal:  15 
 Radiation: 35 
Gran Gran’s spacesuit

6. Shocktroop Spacesuit

The best spacesuit ranking in Starfield would be incomplete without mentioning Shocktroop. This can instill fear in many enemies just by the look of it. However its stats tell another story. The best thing about this armor is its extraordinary resistance against thermal damage. Due to this feature, we recommend wearing this spacesuit whenever you travel in hot areas of the map.  

Below are Shocktroop’s stats: 

Damage Resistance Environmental Resistance 
Physical: 80 Airborne: 0 
Energy: 84 Corrosive: 15 
Electromagnetic: 88 Thermal:  30 
 Radiation: 15 
Shocktroop Spacesuit stats in Starfield

7. Va’ruun Spacesuit

Va’ruun is also one of the best spacesuits in Starfield that enhances your defenses against physical damage and absorbs enormous amounts of energy for you. You will receive decent air purity and heat control in terms of environmental resistance. To find this spacesuit, you will have to kill one of the creatures having the same race name as this spacesuit.  

Below are Va’ruun’s stats: 

Damage Resistance Environmental Resistance 
Physical: 68 Airborne: 15 
Energy: 64 Corrosive: 15 
Electromagnetic: 72 Thermal:  15 
 Radiation: 15 
Va’ruun Spacesuit stats in Starfield

8. Constellation Spacesuit

Constellation is obtained after you purchase the Constellation Edition of Starfield. Once you have this edition of the game, make your way to the Constellation Faction’s Lodge on planet Jamison. This is the same place where you will acquire Mark I.  

Although this suit may seem powerful due to its rarity, it’s pretty average compared to the abovementioned spacesuits. You will get normal damage and environmental resistance. The only strong aspect of this spacesuit is that it gives you high thermal protection. 

Below are detailed the stats of the Constellation spacesuit: 

Damage Resistance Environmental Resistance 
Physical: 76 Airborne: 0 
Energy: 46 Corrosive: 20 
Electromagnetic: 62 Thermal:  10 
 Radiation: 30 
Constellation Spacesuit stats in Starfield

9. Deepcore Spacesuit

The Deepcore spacesuit is acquired by defeating Ecliptic Mercenaries. You can also purchase it from the Trade Authority at The Well, New Atlantis. It enhances your base resistance against physical and environmental damage. The most important aspect of this spacesuit is its air purity. 

Below are Deepcore’s stats: 

Damage Resistance Environmental Resistance 
Physical: 57 Airborne: 30 
Energy: 53 Corrosive: 0 
Electromagnetic: 61 Thermal:  15 
 Radiation: 15 
Deepcore spacesuit in Starfield

10. Navigator Spacesuit

This particular spacesuit can be acquired from Newill’s Goods shop in Neon City of Volii Aplha planet. The main aspects of this suit are corrosive and heat resistance. Be careful while treading regions with high radiation while wearing this suit, as it has zero radiation resistance. 

Below are Navigator’s detailed stats: 

Damage Resistance Environmental Resistance 
Physical: 37 Airborne: 10 
Energy: 69 Corrosive: 30 
Electromagnetic: 53 Thermal:  20 
 Radiation: 0 
Navigator spacesuit stats in Starfield
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