What Is The Ship Size Limit In Starfield?

The Max Ship Size limit and ways to increase it.

According to various sources, the ship size limit in Starfield is close to 40 meters long, with 130 individual modules. Going beyond these parameters yields a “Ship Size Error.” However, there are ways to bypass the predefined ship size limits. Players can easily build their dream ships using the console command or an external mod.

How to bypass the ship size limit in Starfield

Removing the ship size limit can be done in two distinct ways. The first one includes adding seven commands in the command console.

First, you must go to the Starfield folder and find the ini file. Once you do, open it and run the sStartingConsoleCommand.

After that, launch the game and activate the command console. Depending on the keyboard, this is done by pressing the Grave (`) key or the Tilde (~) key. After that, run the following seven commands:

  • setgs fSpaceshipLandableMaxSizeX 80
  • setgs fSpaceshipLandableMaxSizeY 80
  • setgs fSpaceshipLandableMaxSizeZ 80
  • setgs fSpaceshipLandableSmallSize 45
  • setgs fSpaceshipBuilderMaxSizeZ 40
  • setgs uSpaceshipBuilderMaxModules 130
  • setgs uSpaceshipBuilderModuleHardLimit 130

The numbers at the end of the commands are the default ship parameters. You can increase them as much as you want to alter various aspects of your ship in Starfield.

However, executing seven commands whenever you want to alter ship parameters can get tedious. A helpful workaround is available if you’re willing to dive into modding.

Install the ‘Bigger Ship Size Limit’ mod

The Bigger Ship Size Limit mod, created by user ‘AccursedPrism’ on Nexusmods, condenses the process to just a single command. After downloading the mod, select the file shipsize.txt and place it in the same folder alongside Starfield.exe.

After this, when you launch the game, simply typing ‘bat shipsize’ in the command console will be enough. You can adjust maximum ship size and module limits with a single command.

Drawbacks of increasing Max ship size limit in Starfield

That’s not to say that increasing the maximum ship size has drawbacks. Tampering with the natural parameters has reportedly led to considerable FPS drops for certain players. Moreover, no landing pad on any outpost will be large enough to facilitate landing when your ship is too large.

The increased ship cargo and health with all the extra modules is a boon. Ultimately, it all depends on the player’s preferences.

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