Best Ship Crew To Hire In Starfield

If you have the best Ship Crew in Starfield, the overall space adventure gets more exciting and easy for you.

In Starfield, you meet with many NPC characters at different locations during your playthrough. You can hire these as your Ship Crew member in Starfield. Each of these will come with some skills you can also benefit from. However, you must choose the best characters to create the best ship crew in Starfield.

That alone can be an arduous task for you because sometimes it can get hard to choose one character over another as you get used to them during the game. You must make the hard choices and select those companions who can be beneficial during your missions and have your back.

For that purpose, I have devised this guide to help you determine which companions are more suitable for the best Starfield crew.

In Starfield, you meet with many NPC characters at different locations during your playthrough, which you can hire as your Ship Crew.

Starfield Best Crew for your Ship

You have multiple options regarding the Crew, but I made this a little easier for you by picking out the best ones.

1. Same Coe

Sam Coe should be amongst your top priorities as the best crew member for your ship. His piloting skills are four stars, making him an excellent pilot choice for your ship. Moreover, he also has a Rank 3 in Rifle certification and can watch your back when you are engaged against multiple enemies.


Apart from that, you can also benefit by adding him to your crew as the cargo capacity of your ship increases by 20 percent. This is due to his Payload skill, and his piloting skills alone earn him the number one spot as the best crew member for your ship.

2. Barett

Barett is your next go-to choice if you are looking for a crew member with excellent starship engineering skills in Starfield. His skill allows him to repair your ship quickly, no matter how much damage it sustains during your fights. This way, your ship gets an increased 25 percent damage mitigation in Starfield.

Having Barett on your crew is also favorable because it benefits your Ship’s Particle Beam Weapon system. This increases particle damage by 30 percent, allowing you to insert massive damage on enemy ships. Lastly, having this particular NPC character aboard your ship helps reduce the cost of Targeting Mode in Starfield.

3. Sarah Morgan

Sarah is another useful crew member, you should add, as she brings a lot of valuable aspects to Starfield. These include her vast knowledge in Astrodynamics, which can help reduce the fuel cost of those Grav Jumps.

This way, you can save up to 50 percent of your fuel. Moreover, her leadership abilities allow her to make hard decisions during challenging situations. 

4. Andreja

Andreja is another good addition if you assemble the best Starfield crew. She comes with one major skill, Stealth, which allows her to sneak past enemies into their encampment in Starfield.

This skill alone separates her from the rest of your crew because she remains undetected, and even the doors she interacts with don’t alert the enemies to her location.

Andreja will also benefit your crew because she has a Rank 3 in Particle Beams and a Rank 2 in the Energy Weapon system. If you want to get an item from a character, you can use her stealth ability to steal that specific item in Starfield.

5. Marika Boros

If you want someone skilled with weapons similar to Sam Coe on your crew, then you should go with the option to include Marika Boros. She is an excellent addition to your best ship crew options in Starfield. To add her, you can interact with and hire her by paying her a certain amount of credit.

This way, you can avail yourself of her services as a crew member as she comes with skills such as a (Rank 1) certification in Shotgun weapons. This way, she can deal 10 percent more damage while operating this weapon.

Similarly, Marika also has a Rank 2 in Ballistic weapons, which makes her even more deadlier. Since she can deal 20 percent damage using those weapons in Starfield. She is a good pick if you want to create the best crew in Starfield.

How to hire Ship Crew

Starfield has many potential characters you can interact with and hire in your crew. Most of these characters will demand credits in return for their services, while you will encounter some during your playthrough. You can hire ship crew through two means:

Firstly, you can end up unlocking certain characters during your  Missions. These can include Main missions and Side quests during which you will encounter NPC characters such as Vasco, Sarah, etc. After completing your missions, you can engage in dialogue with them and convince them to join your ship crew. This way, you can also benefit from the skills they bring.

Secondly, you can Hire characters from different locations. These can include areas like Spaceports, Bars, etc. in Starfield. You will come across many people here who may be open to joining your ship crew, but you will also have to pay them in credit for their services.

This way, you can meet with certain characters, such as Marika Boros. However, it would be best if you often won a mini-game to persuade some characters to join your crew.

How to assign Ship Crew in Starfield

After successfully hiring certain characters as your crew members, you can also assign them their positions in Starfield. To check on these crew members, you can access the ship’s menu, which you can spot in the bottom left corner. Then, you can select the option Crew Tab, and there, you will find all the crew members listed with their respective skills.

It is important to note here that you should spend your time upgrading specific skills, such as the Ship Command Skill. This way, you will be able to utilize your crew members efficiently. Secondly, add bigger crew stations on your ship if you hire a bigger crew. All that’s left is manually assigning each of these characters to different outposts.

This way, you will find these characters appearing on your ship, and you can then use their skills to your advantage during your missions. Lastly, you mustn’t confuse the crew members with your companions as you will be limited on having those in Starfield. Moreover, if you assign Vasco to an outpost, he will only appear outside your ship.

Overall, it will take some time for you to get used to assigning crew members to different outposts, but eventually, you will get the hang of it in Starfield.

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