Starfield Ship Builder Tips To Build Better Ships

Learning about the Ship Builder and function of different parts will help you build a better ship in Starfield.

In Starfield, players will get the option to build their custom ship using the Ship Builder. A better-built ship will not only defend you from all the enemies in Starfield but also be able to accommodate all the crew and belongings.

Also, a better-built ship will help you travel faster in Starfield. All this should be possible while remaining on budget if you learn tips to build better ships in Starfield.

Tips to build better Ships in Starfield

There are several tips in Starfield that you can use to build a better ship in the Ship Builder. All of these are mentioned below:

Take Starship Ship License in Consideration

Each player will get the “Class A” ship license during the early phase of Starfield. You will only be able to fly the ship that requires this license. The three classes of Starfield ships are mentioned below:

  • Class A – “low firepower but have high mobility.”
  • Class B – “moderate firepower and moderate mobility.”
  • Class C – “high firepower and low mobility.”

As you go up in the classes, the ship parts and the reactor needed to run the ship will cost more. Remember your license before you build the ship and prevent yourself from losing money.

Invest your money in Essential Parts

While building the ship, you need to remember that there are essential and non-essential parts of the ship. You can buy these parts from the Ship Vendors. Each of these parts will provide a benefit, as stated in the stats.


While looking for a weapon for the ship in Starfield, you must look for one with the most damage value. The same thing goes for the engine and fuel tank. As for the defenses, you need to look for parts with the highest “Hull Value.”

The essential parts of the ship are mentioned below:

  • Cockpit – “Needs to be chosen depending on your crew size.”
  • Docker – “A part that connects to your cockpit.”
  • Engines – “Choose your engine according to the ship’s Mass.”
  • A Grav Drive – “allows your ship to jump to other star systems. Upgrade to increase your jump range.”
  • Landing Bay- “part which will help you land.”
  • Reactor – “This will determine the class of modules you can use for this ship.”
  • Fuel Tank – “Store Helium-3, which the Grav Drive uses to perform a jump.”
  • Landing Gear – “Depending on the size of your ship, you need to choose your Landing Gear.”

Know Ship Builder Controls

In Starfield, you need to have a basic knowledge of Ship Builder Control to help you navigate it. This knowledge will also help you better understand how the part will look on your ship.

  • You can rotate the camera while centering on a specific object by pressing the “Right Mouse Button” and moving the mouse.
  • The panning function of the camera can be controlled by pressing “W, A, S, D” and “Arrow Keys” on the keyboard.
  • If you want the camera to move faster, press the “Shift Key” on the keyboard.
  • The zooming can be done by scrolling the “Mouse Wheel” up and down.

Be Mindful of the Credits

Remember the money as you buy parts for your ship in Ship Builder. A general advice would be to get the essential parts first and then see where you land regarding budget spending. After that, if you still have ample credits, you can spend more on luxurious and expensive Ship building items in Starfield.

Be Mindful of the Anchor Points

Anchor Points are the “Light Blue Circle” that will help you attack other modules on your ship. Each Module in your ship needs to fit like a Lego for the ship to work.

The Module that is not the best fit will show an error in Ship Builder, which you must replace. You need to look at each part and ensure it is not hitting any other module.

Cargo Space

In the Ship Builder, you will get the option to add a Cargo Space to your ship. Having this in your inventory will help you save inventory space as well as the ability to store valuable items from your expedition.

Remember that the bigger the cargo space, the more it will weigh your ship in Starfield. You must add more significant engines and more fuel onboard to offset this. Also, it would be best if you made sure that the Cargo Hold does not cancel the overall design and aerodynamics of the ship.

Resolve all Errors

Ship Builder will present you with all the errors that appeared as you were building the ship. To build the best ship, you must resolve all errors, but you can fly your ship if you resolve only the red errors.

Press the “C button” on your keyboard to open the errors list. These errors will show you the compatibility of your parts and the essential parts that are missing.

Weapon Selection

Selection of the right weapon on your ship is also a vital decision as you also need to keep your budget in mind. Your Starfield ship will have three weapon slots you can fill with different weapons.

For the weapon to work, you need to assign them to your ship. For that, you need to press the “C Button” on your keyboard, and you will get inside the weapons menu. Here, you can select and assign the weapon as you wish.

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