How To Get A Scan Jammer In Starfield

Scan Jammers are useful devices that interrupt scans made by the authorities on your ship.

As the name suggests, the Scan Jammer in Starfield allows you to circumvent security checks to avoid being pursued by the law. When you haul illegal items like stolen goods and contraband in Starfield, there is a chance that the authorities will catch you. They will scan you and if the items are detected, you will end up in trouble.

This is where the Scan Jammer comes into play. It interrupts the scan process allowing you to pass freely. Since the authorities cannot scan you, they will let you.

Getting a Scan Jammer in Starfield

The Scan Jammer in Starfield is only found with one vendor. For this, you will need to make your way to the Porimma system and land on the planet known as Porimma III. Head to the area known as the Red Mile. Head to the Ship Service desk, where you will find an NPC named Lon Andersson.

Talk to him and exhaust the dialogue option until you can customize your ship. Select the option “I’d like to view and modify my ship”. Next, open the Ship Builder Menu, (the default button for this on PC is B, and on Xbox it’s X) select the Add option (G on PC and A on Xbox).

You will see three different Scan Jammers namely having three different frequencies, single, dual, and multi-frequency. Each Jammer requires a specific Starship Design Rank, and each variant has a different price.

Single Frequency

The Single Frequency Scan Jammer does not have a Starship Design rank requirement and costs 2,850 credits. This is the weakest of the three variants, and you will likely get caught when equipping this. It has an evade percentage of 10%.

Dual Frequency

This variant requires a Starship Design rank of 1 and costs almost double at 4,750 credits. You are less likely to be caught when using this Scan Jammer. It has an evade percentage of 30%.


The highest tier variant, the Multi-Frequency Scan Jammer requires you to have a Starship Design Rank of 2. It has a hefty cost of 9,500 credits. While using this variant, you are quite unlikely to be caught. It has an evade percentage of 50%.

It is important to note that even the highest variant Scan Jammer does not guarantee success against cargo inspection. While each successive variant lowers the chances of being caught, a reward/risk facet is always involved.

Additionally, you also need to have a shielded cargo hold. Both these modifications work in tandem to get you through a security checkpoint.

What to do with the Scan Jammer in Starfield

Once the San Jammer is installed, it works automatically at every security checkpoint. As we discussed above the chances of you making across are heavily dependent on the Scan Jammer you have equipped.

The Scan Jammer lets you discreetly transport contraband and stolen goods onto other planets. You can then sell them to the relevant merchant, who will happily buy them from you.

However, if you do get caught, you will receive a fairly hefty bounty on your head. You will then need to get rid of this bounty in Starfield to proceed with gaming without any worries. If you do not clear your bounty, you will be hunted down, sent to jail, and even killed in some situations.

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