Starfield Run The Red Mile Walkthrough

Red Mile Race in Starfield is part of the mission called On the Run, and finishing this will reward you with a bunch of credits and a Shotgun.

Run the Red Mile is an interesting side mission in Starfield where you have to participate in a death race. This is a difficult mission to complete but it will get you a Brute Force Shotgun as a reward.

How to unlock the “Run the Red Mile” mission

You need to go speak with Mei Devine on Planet Porrima III in the Porrima System to Run the Red Mile in Starfield.

Red Mile Location  in Starfield

Mei can be found inside the Red Mile, a casino with a lot of guards on the premises. They will not stop you from entering the casino though.

Head on inside and tell Mei that you are interested in running her Red Mile race.

By the way, if you are wondering about the bodies lying around in the casino, they are of the contestants who failed to complete the previous race. Hence, be ready for anything if you are set on winning the Red Mile.

How to complete Run the Red Mile in Starfield

Once you have registered yourself with Mei for the race, wait for her to make the announcement on the stage. Then go through the door next to the stage and take the elevator below. Be ready to run as soon as the elevator doors open.


What to bring to the race

We strongly recommend you stock up on the best Laser weapons and a lot of ammo before running the Red Mile race in Starfield. Bring several med kits as well to heal up.

Furthermore, pack some consumables to increase your movement speed such as Frostwolf and Runner’s Rush. Frostwolf is good in the sense that it also improves your stealth ability to avoid enemies on the track.

Lastly, bring an Amp or O2 Shot to replenish your oxygen supply. This is important because your O2 levels are likely going to decrease if you spend too much time on killing enemies or taking the long way home.

Begin the Red Mile Run

The rules of the Red Mile race are simple. You need to reach the tower located deep in the mountains at the end of the trail. Activate a beacon over there and then return to the Red Mile casino in one piece.

There is no time limit to the race, so you can go about at your own pace. The only problem will be the horde of Maulers coming after you during the race.

Deal with the Maulers

Maulers are fast and can shoot short-range projectiles that detonate on impact. We recommend focusing on reaching the tower and the beacon instead of falling behind to deal with the Maulers.

This is because they can easily kill you if you get close to them. In addition, they are heavily shielded, so you will need to do a lot of damage to take them down.

Remember when we asked you to bring a good Laser weapon? It is because they do the most damage to Maulers.

Another good way to deal with the Maulers is to lure them to gasoline cylinders you will come across during the race. Shoot the cylinders for a massive explosion that will take down multiple Maulers at once.

If you are looking for ways to avoid confrontation, you can use the onboard scanner to locate them from a mile away.

Another way you can avoid damage from them during the race is by using the Stealth Skill, which will allow you to camouflage yourself from Maulers in Starfield.

Best way to reach the beacon

The best way to reach the beacon on the mountain is through the left path. This is because you will come across fewer Maulers on this route.

Another thing that you need to worry about is the CO2 levels, as it will rise once you are running from the Maulers.

Using this route will save your oxygen levels by coming across fewer Maulers. Eventually, you will go to the Beacon on the Mountain by following the quest marker.

Head back to the Red Mile

Once you touch the Beacon, you will wake up a bigger Mauler you need to remove. You can quickly run for that, and due to his low speed, he will never be able to outrun you.

You will also get a teammate to help you during the Red Mile race. Here, you can use his help to distract the Big Mauler, and you can make your escape.

We recommend climbing on taller rock formations using your boost pack for added advantage against the Alpha Mauler.

Complete the Red Mile Run 28 times (optional)

This is purely optional but you can run the Red Mile for another 28 times for even better rewards. Surviving 28 more runs will give you the highest score in the galaxy.

Mei will then reward you with a unique weapon called Desperation, a Mounted Red Mile Apex, and a decoration for your outpost.

Starfield – Run the Red Mile mission rewards

Return back to the Red Mile casino in one piece and speak with Mei for the following rewards:

  • Shotgun Shells
  • Brute Force Weapon
  • 3300 Credits
  • 100 EXP

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