Top 7 Companions In ELEX

In ELEX, you can recruit many companions, each with their strengths and weaknesses. We have made this guide to advise you in that regard.

ELEX puts you in the middle of a large sprawling open world complete with complex decisions and a colorful cast of characters. Some of these characters can join you in the form of companions. In total, there are seven companions in ELEX that you can recruit permanently, but it can be hard to pick just one considering you can only have one other person in your party.

In this guide, we’ll be definitively ranking all seven companions in ELEX. We’ll consider their effectiveness and what they have to offer. We’ll also discuss how you can recruit each character.

Before we begin, it is important to note that when a companion joins you, they gain a random weapon set that determines their effectiveness. Some characters are more dependent on this mechanic than others, hence, the list below considers each character’s innate abilities.

7. Falk

elex companions falk

How to recruit: To recruit this companion all you have to do is find him at the very top of the Converter in Edan. Once there, simply speak with him and he will join you instantly.

Benefits: Falk is a ranged-only companion that is effective for the most part but falls off considerably as you progress through the game. His effectiveness is tied to the type of weapon he’s wielding but that sometimes may not be enough either.

6. Arx

How to recruit: Arx does not require the completion of a quest. All you have to do is find him near the Domed City, speak to him, and he will join you

Benefits: Like Falk, Arx’s effectiveness on the battlefield is solely tied to his weapons. He can be an effective ranged companion at times but this is only true for the first half of the game.

5. Duras

elex companions druras

How to recruit: Duras can be recruited during the quest “A Berserker Warrior” where you have to interrogate 5 individuals that Duras believes are linked to a murder. Exhaust your dialogue with him which will start the “Circumstantial Evidence” quest and upon interrogating all five potential perpetrators, make your way back to Duras.

Agree to help Duras further interrogate who he believes is the perpetrator; Barin which will conclude both “A Berserker Warrior” and “Circumstantial Evidence” and start “Light into the Darkness”. During this quest, you’ll find a chest that reveals that Duras is the killer and not Barin.

Next, you’ll meet a character named Ragnar and if you choose to hide Duras’ actions, he will join you as a companion. Turning him in will result in Duras getting killed.

Benefits: Duras is a melee-only fighter who can be effective during the early to mid-game. However, once you start getting into the latter part of the game, his utility and effectiveness wanes off considerably. While he is good to keep around for the first half of the game, it is better to switch to someone stronger as you progress through the game.

4. Ray

How to recruit: To recruit Ray in ELEX, you need to complete the side quest “A Handful of Shards” which can be started once you do the main quest “Stolen Equipment”. Ray will be located next to the Sandy Pines motel and talking to him triggers the quest. Lead him to Wyatt near the Fort and talk to him. Once you exhaust the dialogue, Ray will permanently join you as one of your companions in ELEX.

Benefits: Ray offers both melee and ranged support during combat; however, his effectiveness is slightly lower when compared to other characters further up on this list. He isn’t bad but he won’t be capable of taking out enemies for you unless you’re lucky enough to get a good weapon roll with him.

3. Nasty

elex companions nasty

How to recruit: First, you need to find Nasty in the Fort to trigger the quest “Angry Girl”, where you have to kill several creatures to gain her approval. Once you’ve defeated every creature, make your way to the Holt and speak to Ulbricht to begin the quest “Ulbricht’s Big Offensive”.

Talk to Nasty once more and ask her to become the leader of the offense. After you complete this quest, she’ll join you as a companion.

Benefits: Her tough exterior matches her skills as Nasty is one of the best melee fighters in ELEX. She is capable of easily taking out tougher enemies without needing your help, though this is slightly dependent on the weapon roll that she gets. Nasty does lack ranged attacks, however, which does slightly lower her combat prowess, though, not too much.

2. C.R.O.N.Y. U4

How to recruit: To add C.R.O.N.Y. U4, to your companions list, you need to complete “A Half-Defective Tin Can” in Elex. To trigger this quest, you have to find a damaged C.R.O.N.Y. U3 unit in the Observatory Ruins or a damaged C.R.O.N.Y. U4 unit in Goliet.

Benefits: The main advantage of having this companion by your side is its built-in headlights. When exploring dungeons or dark interior spaces it can oftentimes become hard to orient yourself, especially if you’re trying to complete a quest, the C.R.O.N.Y. U4 significantly mitigates this problem.

Additionally, this companion has mounted turrets that rain down on your enemies consistently when you’re in battle, giving you ample support when you’re in combat.

1. Caja

elex companions caja

How to recruit: Caja can be found in the Domed City, which is located toward the northern limit of the map. Once there, head to the main gate to converse with her, exhausting the dialogue will start the “Chosen quest and will unlock her as a companion.

Benefits: Despite having a soft exterior, Caja is the strongest companion in ELEX. She possesses both ranged and melee attacks, which ensures that she’ll have you covered in every situation. Additionally, she is capable of taking down large foes like the colossi singlehandedly while also being able to easily break enemies’ armor using her magic abilities.

Caja will also let you in on tons of lore related to the world of ELEX, so if you’re someone who’s into learning more about the game, choosing this companion is the way to go.

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