Starfield Best Laser Weapons

Although Laser weapons are less in numbers, they still pack a punch so finding them is a must in Starfield.

When exploring the vast open area of Starfield, you will stumble upon several enemies with the best loot. However, facing them with a low-caliber pistol will not win any fights. Therefore, you need modern weaponry to deal great damage and end fights quickly. The answer comes with Laser Weapons in Starfield, which bring an upper edge in a standard gunfight.

Best Laser Weapons in Starfield

Choosing the best weapon for combat is always the desired outcome. However, considering how you will come across 23 weapons types in Starfield, it is hard to pick the best ones. Laser Weapons in Starfield have perks ranging from a higher fire rate to a large magazine size. Below, I have compiled my picks for the best Laer Weapons in Starfield:

Brawler’s Equinox

The Brawler’s Equinox is a Laser Rifle in Starfield. It has a Mass of 2.90, making it an easy-to-handle weapon. With a Magazine size of 20, you will have enough ammo to damage your enemies adequately. Plus, it possesses a tremendous Fire Rate of 180 with 66.5% pinpoint accuracy, the enemy will have no chance of escaping the attack even at a 50-meter range. You can buy it at the cost of 2714 Credits.


Solstice is a Laser Pistol you will acquire in Starfield. It is one of the lightest weapons to wield, with a Mass of 1.30. It has a Magazine size 16, which is pretty significant compared to most pistols. This weapon can damage the enemy at a range of 30 meters with 69.3% accuracy of its Fire Rate of 25. You can buy it at the cost of 1960 Credits.


Ember is another Laser Pistol on this list. What differentiates it from Solstice is that it is slightly heavier with a Mass of 2.90. However, it possesses the same Magazine size of 16, which is enough to kill a couple of enemies without reloading.

Plus, with its 73.6% Accuracy, it is an unstoppable beast regarding Ranged attacks. Ember has a Fire Rate of 25, which it uses at a range of 24 meters. You can buy this weapon at the cost of 2735 Credits.



Equinox is a Laser Rifle similar to Brawler’s Equinox. However, it is heavier, standing at a Mass of 3.20. Plus, it possesses a magazine size of 20. Using it, you can wipe out waves of enemies storming your way. Also, with its Fire Rate of 50, it can deal damage even at a range of 50 meters.

Moreover, the laser it shoots has a 70.2% accuracy rate, making it one of the best Laser Weapons on Starfield. Although you can buy Equinox, it is preferred that you acquire it by looting the likes of Spacer and Spacer Punks.

Short Circuit

Short Circuit is one of the best Laser Pistols in Starfield. It has a Mass of 4.50, making it a heavy pistol to wield. Moreover, its Magazine size of 22 can damage the enemy for a good period before running out of ammo. You can use it from a 32-meter range and still land a shot with a 75.8% Accuracy to top it all.


Orion is one of my favorite Laser Rifles. It is distinct from the majority of the weapons you will have a hold on. With its possession of a massive Magazine size of 50, capable of lasting for several waves of enemies, it is arguably one of the best weapons in Starfield.

It is a heavy weapon to wield with a Mass of 6.75, but that comes at an Accuracy of 78.70%. Having a Fire Rate of 33 at a range of 60 meters, this weapon is a beast against higher levels of enemies. You can buy it at the cost of 7532 Credits.

Unmitigated Violence

Unmitigated Violence is the best Laser Weapon in Starfield. This Laser Rifle possesses a 50 Magazine size capable of lasting against several enemies. Plus, it is a heavy weapon with a Mass of 10.65. It packs a punch with its damage, especially at the range of 52 meters, with a 77% Accuracy rate. After completing the Unearthed Main Quest in Starfield, you can acquire this weapon, where you must side with Emissary.

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