Starfield Quantum Essence Locations Guide 

Quantum Essence in Starfield allows you to recharge your powers and use them again whenever you consume this item. You can get it by killing Starborn.

Using Powers in Starfield greatly helps you explore, win wars, do dialogues, etc. These powers are not limitless and need to be regenerated after some time. You can do this by using Quantum Essence, a consumable item obtained after killing Starborn in Starfield.  

During your journey through different star systems and their planets, you will encounter pirates and space wanderers who can sometimes be hostile. Apart from them, another enemy type roams around the galaxy. They are known as Starborn, who belong to other dimensions and can travel beyond space and time.

Killing them earns you Quantum Essence, but you must know where to find them before using them in Starfield.

How to find Quantum Essence in Starfield 

You can obtain this stem after killing a Starborn opponent. Below are some locations where you can find these enemies in Starfield. 

Cavern on the Guniibuu V-e Planet 

While pursuing the main story missions in Starfield, you must approach Gunibuu V-e planet in the Guniibuu system. After reaching there, you must head to the cave where Artifact Tau is situated. A Starborn will pop out of nowhere in the cave and start attacking you. Killing him will grant you a Quantum Essence. 

Outside Temples 

Starborn are also found outside temples. As soon as you finish pursuing a temple and come out after obtaining its power, you will meet a Starborn outside. He will not greet you with affection, so be on your guard for facing a hostile attack. 


After being killed, Starborn enemies do not drop any loot for your character. Instead, they vanish in thin air and leave Quantum Essence behind.

How to use Quantum Essence in Starfield

Quantum Essence is simply a consumable potion or item that regenerates your power. After using this, your power will be restored quickly for 60 seconds. It allows you to use your powers again without waiting for them to recharge. 

Note that Quantum Essence is not added to your normal inventory. It resides in a dedicated inventory inside the Power menu.  

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