How To See Path To Waypoint In Starfield

Having difficulty to figure out how to see the path to Waypoint in Starfield?

Scanner is a useful tool in Starfield that lets you see paths to waypoints and follow them until you reach your destination. You can open your Scanner anytime and look for the arrows pointing towards your destination. The Scanner has a few other uses, but before getting into that, let us look at how to set a waypoint.   

Seeing Waypoint Path during Starfield Missions

Seeing your waypoint in Starfield is as easy as bringing up your Scanner and then looking at the ground. If you are a PC user, you can bring the Scanner up by pressing the F key. Xbox users can press the LB key on their controller.

This will grant you scanner vision, after which you must look at the ground for the glowing arrows. These glowing arrows will lead you towards your destination, wherever you have set your waypoint in Starfield.

These arrows work for horizontal distances only and cannot lead the way if your waypoint is above or below your surface level.

How to change a waypoint path in Starfield

You can change the waypoint of your Scanner and assign it to any quest or objective you wish to fulfill. To do that, go to your Missions menu and select the task you wish to continue. Once you choose the task, your scanner waypoint will be set to the destination where the task will be completed.

You can also set custom waypoints to destinations using maps if you are not fulfilling a mission’s objective in Starfield.


Some other uses of Scanners

Besides adding waypoints and following them, your Scanner can be used to look for valuable items and fast travel. To fast travel using the Scanner, you need to bring the Scanner up and point it in the direction where you wish to travel.

Once your travel destination is in view, you must press A (or equivalent) and then A again to confirm that. The Scanner in Starfield can be used to know about the weight and worth of an item.

When you point your Scanner toward an item, it will let you know its worth and weight. This enables you to estimate if it is worth looting or not. Using the Scanner this way will not let you miss out on valuable items and also save you from carrying the items with less value and more weight.

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