Starfield Parallel Self Temple Location And Solution 

The Parallel Self Temple in Starfield will give you a unique power that will let you summon a buddy from another universe to help you.

The world of Starfield is vast and full of strange space encounters and environmental hurdles. You will need special powers far superior to your normal character capabilities to face these gameplay difficulties. These powers can be obtained by visiting various temples throughout the star systems, including the Parallel Self Temple in Starfield.

Once you get to this place, you will have to complete a puzzle, after which you will get the power.

How to find the Parallel Self Temple in Starfield? 

The temple locations in Starfield are random for each player. So, the game has no specific planet or star system for the Parallel Self Temple. However, you can visit Vladimir at the Eye in Starfield and follow the Power From Beyond questline to obtain the potential location of this temple. 

The quest giver asks you to investigate anomalies on different planets, leading you to different planets where temples and light puzzles are located. 

How to solve Parallel Self Temple puzzle in Starfield? 

As you land on the planet containing the Parallel Self Temple (Temple Sigma), you will start seeing distortions on your hand scanner. Keep following the distortions until you reach a towering structure in front of you. This will be your destination. 

Upon entering the Temple Sigma, three metal rings will emerge from the ground and start spinning rapidly in the air. With that, you will see a constellation of shiny little stars above your head.  

Use your boots to get them as quickly as you can, and then move on to the constellation appearing right after the first. Keep doing the process until you have picked all the shiny stars (or at least five). The rings will stop spinning, after which you will be rewarded for solving the temple puzzle. 

Starfield Parallel Self Temple rewards 

Once you have collected the mystical energy of all tiny stars and made the rings stop spinning, you will receive a befitting reward. In the case of this temple, it is the Parallel Self Power. This power lets you summon a clone of yourself from the multiverse. This clone will be fully armed and can help you in combat when needed. 

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