Starfield Niira Survey Guide

Players can visit Niira Planet in Starfield to get its survey data which can be sold for credits to vendors.

Approaching the Narion System in Starfield will have you exploring the different planets, such as Niira, which you need to survey. As you survey the planet you will come across different biomes that will lead to the discovery of different flora, fauna, and resources.

Determining these items is crucial to getting the 100% survey score. Furthermore, The competition of Survey Data requires you to discover the three planet Traits that Niira has.

This would then lead to getting the 100% survey score you need to sell the Survey data to the various Vendors. The guide will span over the locations of Flora, Fauna, and Resources and later will dive into the traits of Niira. Being new to Starfield and going all in into Planet Survey can consume a lot of hours.

How to 100% survey Niira in Starfield

To gain a slight increment of your survey score, you can do the initial scan on the planet that would reveal the resources of Niira.

Niira Survey Checklist

Niira’s Survey Checklist contains eight resources, four fauna, and two flora. You will have to reach the different biomes to complete them. It further includes the three traits as well.

FaunaFlocking Glowhands Grazers, Swarming Stalker Scorpion, and Flocking Cutterhead Grazer
FloraRed Stinging Nettle and Starpod Silkweed
ResourcesChlorine, Argon, Benzene, Nickel, Water, Ionic Liquids, Fluorine, and Copper
Planet TraitsCoraline Landmass, Melted Glacier, and Charred Ecosystem

All Fauna on Niira

In Starfield, you can find various Fauna while surveying Niira. All of them are listed below:

  • Flocking Glowhands Grazers
  • Swarming Stalker Scorpion
  • Flocking Cutterhead Grazer

Finding the required Fauna will consume significant time as they span over different Biomes. If you start at the Frozen Plains, you will come across Flocking Glowhands Grazers. They usually mind being in their place, but do not provoke them into the fight as they can hurt you.

You will occasionally also encounter siren fauna, so keep your distance from them. In wetlands, you will encounter Swarming Stalker Scorpion and Flocking Cutterhead Grazer. These will fill your requisites of fauna, respectively.

All Flora on Niira

The Flora requisite of Starfield Niira is smaller than other planets as you only have to find two Flora to complete it. Both of these can be found in the list below:

  • Red Stinging Nettle
  • Starpod Silkweed

In wetlands, you will get Red Stinging Nettle and Starpod Silkweed that fulfil your Flora requirements as well; however, try to get as many to complete the scans of each flora.

Remember that to scan and achieve one unit of flora or fauna, you must scan each type multiple times. As for Resource scanning, you will just have to scan it once, and it will turn all instances of that resource from blue to green.

How to Find Resources on Niira in Starfield

ChlorineHills“Chlorine is an uncommon inorganic resource used to unlock research projects, upgrade your gear, and build Outpost.”
ArgonWetlands“Argon has several uses in Starfield, from the production of graphite, researching dark matter at the Research Laboratory, in lighting, preservatives, or even in cryogenics.”
BenzeneHills“Benzene is an uncommon inorganic resource found in Starfield that can be used in several crafting recipes at the workbenches.”
NickelHills“Nickel, an essential ingredient in crafting Ballistic Shielding Mod for your Helmet, create a Weapon Workbench on your Outpost, and place an Extractor.”
WaterFrozen Plains“Water is one of the fundamental requirements for life used in research projects at the Research Laboratory”.
Ionic LiquidsFrozen Plains“Ionic Liquids are an organic resource used to craft various items and fulfil research project requirements, like the Performance Enhancement 3 research project.”
FluorineFrozen Plains“Fluorine is an uncommon inorganic resource that can be used in many crafting recipes.”
CopperFrozen Plains“Copper is an abundant resource used in research projects, building outposts, and completing quests.”

Frozen Plains has Nickel, Chlorine, water, Fluorine, copper, and benzene. Furthermore, the last resource, Ionic Liquids, is near the Coastline. You won’t have difficulty finding these as most of them are abundant in Niira.

All Biomes on Niira in Starfield

In Starfield, you can find various Biomes while surveying Niira. These biomes feature the habitat of the planet, and all of them are listed below:

  • Wetlands
  • Frozen Plains
  • Hills.

How to discover Niira Traits

To discover Niira Traits, you must traverse to their locations. I will go over each of the three Niira’s traits individually.

  • Coraline Landmass
  • Melted Glacier
  • Charred Ecosystem

You can find The Coraline Landmass trait by discovering Coraline Mineral Pools in various locations in Starfield Niira, including wetlands. On the other hand, you can discover Melted Glacier by scanning any two glacial remnants in Niira.

Charred Ecosystem traits can be found by navigating toward Unexplored Ecological Features. Just scan it to discover the trait. The following traits are all pointed out by anomalies in the surface map, so make sure to visit each one by one; you will successfully cover all three at the end when you deal with all anomalies and points of interest.

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