How To Solve Mantis Secret Outpost Puzzle in Starfield

Mantis Secret outpost puzzle is a rather tricky one that you can solve in more than one way. In this guide, we will describe all the possible solutions while leaving the final decision to your better judgement.

One of the requirements to solve Mantis mission in Starfield is to find and solve a unique puzzle. We have covered the walkthrough guide of the ‘Mantis’ quest in a separate guide; this guide will only cover how to solve the secret outpost puzzle in the mission ‘Mantis’ in Starfield.

Starfield Mantis secret outpost puzzle solution

The puzzle in the mission ‘Mantis’ presents itself when players enter the secret outpost lair. Players are swarmed with Spacers, and you need to defeat them all. After defeating all the spacers, players enter a room with letters on the floor and four turrets.

The code for the Mantis puzzle requires players to step on the correct tiles on the floor as they go through the room in the correct order to get to the other side. If players step on the wrong tile at any point, the turrets will open fire on the player, making it difficult to survive. If you wish, you can wear really heavy armor and tank your way to the other end without even worrying about the puzzle, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

Luckily, there are multiple Mantis floor puzzle solutions instead of simply stepping on the tiles in the correct order.

The first way is to solve the puzzle the way it is meant to be solved. Players need to spell out the word TYRANNIS from the tiles on the floor to solve the Mantis secret outpost lair puzzle in Starfield. Take a good look at the spelling. T-Y-R-A-N-N-I-S. Spelling the code Tyrannis on floor tiles will allow you to safely pass across the room.

Alternate methods to solve the Mantis puzzle

There is another way to solve the Mantis secret outpost puzzle in Starfield. Bit of a cheat method, but you can ignore the puzzle and still get to the other side. To do this, players can use their Boost Pack and fly to the other corner of the room.

Of course, this is only an option for players with high-capacity boosts. But yes, this is a valid option just to avoid participating in the puzzle at all.

Lastly, another option is only available to players who are good at picking locks using Digipicks and at least have Rank 3. Using their Digipick, players can hack the security computer console found just before the puzzle area. Hacking the computer will turn off all the security measures in the puzzle room. You can just walk through the room, without any issues, to the other side. This will solve Mantis’s secret outpost lair puzzle in Starfield.

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