How To Travel To Maheo System In Starfield

Maheo Star System in Starfield isn't the one that has a lot to offer you, but you can still visit it.

Finding the Maheo System in Starfield isn’t an easy task. With Starfield having such a huge intergalactic map consisting of hundreds of systems and thousands of planets, it is often difficult to coordinate your desired destination.

But I just came up with a guide to help you find the Maheo Star System and know what you can find inside it.

Starfield Maheo System Location

The problem players face when locating the Maheo System is that the Maheo overlaps on other systems, making it difficult to be spotted on a zoomed-out map. You might think that this planet will be far away, but to your surprise, it is near to a very familiar system in the middle of the star map in Starfield.

That is the Cheyenne System that hosts Akila City in Planet Jemison. You will find the Maheo System right next to the Cheyenne System. Also, the Sagan System, Leviathan System, and Nikola System are neighbors of the Maheo system.

Planets and Moons in the Maheo System

Even though it is not an important system in Starfield, you can still find many planets and moons.

  • Maheo I
  • Maheo II
  • Maheo III (contains Maheo III-A and Maheo III-B Moons)
  • Maheo IV (Contains Maheo IV-A, Maheo IV-B, Maheo IV-C, and Maheo IV-D moons)
  • Maheo V (Contains Maheo VI-A moon)
  • Maheo VI (Contains Maheo VI-A moon)
  • Maheo VII (Contains Maheo VII-A moon)

Landmarks in the Maheo System

There are no notable Landmarks in Maheo Systems that you might need to visit in Starfield. All of the Maheo System planets have harsh and extreme weather, making them unsuitable for habitation.

To visit here, you must unlock the Planetary Habitation Skill to survive the weather. However, you might still find some Civilian Outposts on one of the planets. You might find an artifact on the Maheo System if you are lucky. But that case is very rare.

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