Should You Sell The Lucky Boots In Starfield?

The Lucky Boots in Starfield are ironically one of the most unluckiest items in the game. You will be tasked to get rid of these pieces of footwear in the game and can go about different ways to do it.

There are a lot of different and unique items and apparel that you can get in Starfield. Some are aesthetically pleasing, some are powerful, and some give you unique buffs. But the Lucky Boots might be the most dangerous in the Galaxy. Unlike their name, the Lucky Boots in Starfield are anything but.

These pair of boots bring severe bad luck to anyone who owns and wears them. They might look innocent, but once worn, they show their true colors. They are part of the ‘The Boot’ Quest, and you get this quest from New Atlantis in Starfield.

Make your way to the Well area. Go to the Merchant named Antonio Biachi, and he will ask you to get rid of those boots for him.

Where to sell the lucky boots on Starfield?

You can sell the lucky boots in Starfield by visiting the Wolf system. From there, make your way to the Den Space Center and Dock. After docking there, search inside and locate a merchant by the name of Conrad.

After finding Conrad you can sell the boots to him for 500 credits. Alternatively, you can also put the “lucky” boots in the storage container located near him in Starfield.

Selling the boots to him will transfer the Bad luck over to the poor guy. Now head back to New Atlantis and find Antonio again. Report to him that you got rid of the cursed boots. He will reward you with 2000 credits.

What happens when you sell the Lucky Boots in Starfield?

If you sell the boots to Conrad, he dies. After collecting your rewards from Antonio for getting rid of the boots, you can head back to the Wolf system and dock at the Den space station. There, you can find Conrad once again. But this time he will not be so lively.

The poor guy will have his head crushed by a falling container while wearing the lucky boots. And thus we see that the lucky boots in Starfield were less than lucky.

Rewards you receive

These are the rewards you get from completing this mission:

  • 2000x Credits for Completing the Mission
  • 500x Credits for selling the Boots to Conrad.
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