Starfield Late Bloomer Walkthrough

"Late Bloomer" is another side mission given by the scientist Kelton to save the trees of New Atlantis in Starfield.

Late Bloomer marks the end of a series of side missions that are given to you by Kelton Frush in Starfield. He is a scientist who wants to save the trees of New Atlantis.

As it happens, the big tree in the city’s MAST District is giving off some strange vibrations. They appear to be a mating call. Yes, the trees of Starfield can reproduce, but you now need to find its mate.

How to unlock the Late Bloomer mission

After you are done with the Tree Grows in New Atlantis and Out on a Limb missions, return to the big tree in MAST District (New Atlantis) and speak with Kelton Frush to start Late Bloomer in Starfield.

How to complete Late Bloomer in Starfield

It turns out that the tree is looking to reproduce. The “sympathetic vibrations” Kelton detected from the tree are a sort of mating call. The only problem is that there is no mate, at least not now.

In a history lesson, Kelton will reveal that there was once another tree that was given to the New Atlantis leaders but it died a few years later. The Coe Heritage Museum still has one of its branches on display.

Kelton believes that he can possibly use that branch to create a vibration response to the tree’s mating call. That should prevent the tree from dying and causing catastrophic damage to New Atlantis.


He asks you to track down Leah Casler, the administrator of the Coe Heritage Museum, as soon as possible.

Reach the Coe Heritage Museum

Get back to your ship and chart a course for Akila City in the Cheyenne System. Do note that you are going to be at least level 15 with enough fuel to make the journey.

Furthermore, Akila City is full of its own faction and side missions. You might want to head there when you have multiple missions to complete. That will save you time and money.

Where to find the Coe Heritage Museum and Leah Casler in Starfield.

When you reach Akila City, make your way to the Coe Heritage Museum and speak with Leah Casler behind the front desk. Tell her about the tree vibrations, why Kelton Frush has sent you, and why you need the branch sample.

Leah will be clear that she is not going to give you the tree branch as it belongs to the museum. Whatever dialogue option you choose, she will refuse to give you the branch as she is not authorized to hand over any museum property.

Should you persuade Leah or steal the branch?

There are two ways to get the tree branch for Kelton in Starfield. The first is to persuade Leah to see reason and the other is to simply steal the branch from her.

We recommend persuading Leah to give you the tree branch. You only need a single rank in Persuasion to pass the persuasion check here.

Make sure to be respectful in choosing your dialogues and finally, choose the “I really need that tree branch” dialogue option to successfully convince her.

That being said, you should save your game before attempting to persuade Leah. We managed to get a Critical Success. Starfield’s RNG might yield a different result for you.

If you are not able to successfully persuade her, she will give you an alternative way to speak with Earl Fulton. He had some leftovers from the branches.

You can find Earl Fulton at the location of Honest Earl’s Alien Extravaganza which can be found across the town.

Once you reach there, you can ask him for the branch that he bought for his exotic beasts but they did not eat it. He is going to charge 500 credits for the branch.

Steal the tree branch (difficult)

We do not recommend you try to steal the tree branch. This is because the tree branch is locked inside a safe with an Expert Lock. You are going to need 2 ranks in your security skill.

You are also going to need a high Sneak skill. Leah is mostly always behind the front counter and sneaking around her makes it difficult to reach the safe.

A good tip here is to wait for her shift to be over and then move in to steal the tree branch from the museum safe.

Return to Kelton Frush

Once you have collected the branch, you need to hand it over to Kelton who can be found at the same place in New Atlantis under the big tree.

He will start to analyze and synthesize the branch to get the audio sample. Wait for a moment before speaking with him.

He will say that you need to go SSNN terminal where you have to upload the synthesized audio for the purpose of broadcast.

Reach the SSNN building

You can find the SSNN building at the place where you spoke to Jordan about the Bio-Sensor in the previous quest of A Tree Grows in New Atlanta in the Commercial District.

Once you reach there, go inside and make your way to the left side close to the floor lamp where you will see the terminal fixed in the wall which you need to operate.

Access the SSNN Terminal

Once you access it, you will see an option for Broadcast Diagnostics. When you click on it, you will get two options in front of you, one is Run Diagnostics and the other is Upload Diagnostic File.

You need to click on the latter first to upload the audio sample and then select the former. Once you have uploaded the audio sample in the SSNN Terminal, you need to go back to Kelton Frush in the MAST District under the big tree.

Return to Kelton Frush

Once you start talking with Kelton, he will mentioned that he has noticed decline in the vibration’s strength and trees are going to be like the way they were before and the side mission of Late Bloomer comes to an end.

Starfield – Late Bloomer mission rewards

You are going to receive 100 EXP and 4,300 Credits for all the efforts you have made to save the trees for the city of New Atlantis.

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