Starfield Best Ship Landing Bays Ranked

Landing bays contribute to your ability to get off and board your ship in Starfield on land. Although useful, they mostly serve a cosmetic purpose.

If you ever wanted to land on a planet with your ship, disembark, and then do stuff, you probably will need a landing bay in Starfield. The Landing Bay is the bridge between your ship’s sanctity and Starfield’s wild, untamed, oftentimes chaotic world. This component lets your ship touch the ground whenever you arrive on a planet.

It lowers when you are about to land and folds back up when you are ready to leave. They do not contribute towards spaceship combat in Starfield but have various other uses.

Best Landing Bays in Starfield  

In Starfield, there are a total of two Landing Bays that you can equip for your ship. The 120LD Landing Bay and the NG-6 Landing Bay. Deimos makes the former, while Nova Galactic constructs the latter. Like the Cowlings, Landing Bays in Starfield serve a more cosmetic function than a functional one.

As such, you do not need to worry about it too much beyond its appearance and the negligible difference in Mass between the two.

1. NG-6 Landing Bay 

Constructed by Nova Galactic, the NG-6 Landing Bay is our first pick for the best Landing Bay in Starfield. It has a mass of 2 and a value of 902. This Landing Bay takes the top spot simply because it has a lower mass than the other option.

A lower mass allows you to manage the weight of your shape and prevents it from overloading. That alone presents a whole host of problems.  


2. 120LD Landing Bay 

The second spot goes to 120LD Landing Bay, constructed by Deimos. This Landing Bay has a weight of 3 and a value of 807. The difference between this and the NG-6 Landing Bay is negligible at best. It just has a slightly higher mass and a lower value.

While increasing mass by just one, it will not overburden your ship. So, it may be worth sticking to the NG-6 to avoid running into the problem altogether. Your Landing Bay should ultimately boil down to your preference and taste regarding visual makeup and design.  

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