Starfield The Kindness Of Strangers Walkthrough

The Kindness of Strangers is a wholesome mission where you need to escort an injured person back home in Starfield.

The Kindness of Strangers is a side quest in Starfield that allows you to spread compassion by helping out a fellow of the House of Enlightened. This meaningful mission is what makes the game so lovable as you get the human touch of empathy throughout different portions of the game.

This side mission is quite simple and enjoyable, as you’ll be helping Andy Singh secretly take care of a fellow Tahir Vala. This concise mission is great for laying your hands on some solid credits and XP.

We have compiled this guide to walk you through the entire story of The Kindness of Strangers in Starfield. So, let’s get started.

How to unlock the Kindness of Strangers mission

You need to find and speak with Andy Singh in the House of Enlightened to start the Kindness of Strangers mission in Starfield.

You will get an opportunity to do this during the One Small Step campaign mission where you visit New Atlantis on the Jemison planet.

From the Spaceport district, take the elevator near Terrabrew Coffee. Head inside the House of Enlightened to find Andy Singh who will ask your help in escorting Tahir Vala back home. Agreeing to help will unlock The Kindness of Strangers in Starfield.

How to complete The Kindness of Strangers in Starfield

You need to help escort Tahir Vala from the Medical Bay all the way home to Sub 17. You will also need to feed him along the way. Andy will furthermore ask you to keep his involvement a secret.

Go to Tahir Vala at Medbay

Tahir's location at Medbay in Starfield.

After hurting his leg badly, Tahir arrived at the Medical Bay to receive treatment. As he’s still weak, you must head over there and help safely escort him home. To do so, you must make your way to the Medical Bay located in The Wells.

You’ll find Tahir sitting next to a medical sign, and you must convince him to receive help from you. As you get near him, you’ll be able to hear the UC Security officer offering his help to Tahir, but Tahir will straight up deny it.

When you offer your help, Tahir will hesitate at first as he wouldn’t be expecting help from you. However, after you use the right dialogue, you’ll gain his trust, and he’ll accept your help offer. You can do so by choosing the dialogue that goes: Not a scam. Just Andy Singh.

Tahir will eventually accept your offer of assistance and will continue his journey home with you. However, before you drop him home, you must pick up a meal for Tahir along the way. For that, head to Kay’s House.

Order a meal in Kay’s House

You’ll spot a restaurant called Kay’s House as you go down the path that leads to the House of Enlightened.

Head inside, find Kay Mason, the owner, and tell her you want to order a meal, preferably the Miso Soup.

Tell her the meal is for Tahir, and she’ll pack you up some nice home-cooked food without charging credits since Andy has already made the arrangement.

After grabbing the meal, head out of the restaurant and escort Tahir home to Sub 17.

Escort Tahir back home

Now that you’ve got Tahir to tag along with you and you’ve also packed a meal for him, it’s time you take our kind patient home.

Tahir lives at Sub 17 in the wells. His residence is close to a football field near the Medbay. Sooner or later, you’ll arrive at Tahir Vala’s house and must offer him the meal you picked up earlier.

Tahir will show his gratitude by thanking you for all the efforts you put into helping him. He’ll express how good he is feeling, and everything will wind up as a wholesome moment. The Kindness of Strangers side mission in Starfield will come to an end.

Starfield – The Kindness of Strangers mission rewards

Upon completing The Kindness of Strangers in Starfield, you will receive the following rewards:

  • EXP: 150
  • Credits: 2000
  • Credits for agreeing to help Andy: 4300

As you can see, this simple yet wholesome mission has brilliant rewards to offer and is a great opportunity to stack up your credits.

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