How To Fix Starfield “Into The Unknown” Bug

If you are annoyed by the Into the Unknown mission bugs in Starfield, then worry not, as I have some solutions for you.

Into the Unknown is one of Starfield’s primary missions, but unfortunately, it has some bugs. Some players find a bug where the quest doesn’t get into your quest log, and you can’t progress it. The other bug players encounter is missing landing markers on a planet. You will face Starfield Into the Unknown not starting.

Starfield Into the Unknown Bug fix is not available for Xbox One or Series right now. Also, there are no patches for these bugs, but worry not, as I have tested the bugs and have some possible solutions to fix your Into the Unknown mission bugs in Starfield.

Starfield “Into the Unknown” Bug 1 solution

In the first Into the Unknown mission bugged, the mission itself isn’t added to your quest log. There is only one way to fix this: using the console command. You can skip the Into the Unknown mission entirely using the console command and eliminate the bug. But it locks you out of future achievements unless you use a mod.

Console Command fix

For Starfield Into the Unknown Bug Fix, press the “~” key to open the command prompt. After that, enter the “setstage 000160A9 600” console command and press enter. This will result in skipping the entire mission in Starfield.

However, it is only possible for PC players since Xbox players cannot use console commands. As this fix allows you to bypass the quest rather than play through it, it is better to wait for an official fix from Bethesda.

Starfield “Into the Unknown” Bug 2 solution

While playing through the “Into the Unknown” mission, you have to investigate an advanced underground civilization on the Procyon III planet in the Vega star system.


A mysterious signal from the planet leads you towards Procyon III. But a bug does not allow you to scan the anomaly signal and find a landing marker on the planet. There are a few fixes that you can use to fix Starfield into the Unknown not showing up:

Using Fast Travel

The easiest way to fix this bug is to fast-travel to another star system and then return to Procyon III in the Vega star system. This will show the anomaly signal and scan it for the landing marker.


Another easy way to fix this is to restart the Starfield and return to the ‘Into the Unknown’ quest, which has worked for some players.

Time lapse

You can also try skipping in-game time around 24-48 hours. But this fix can be hard to execute as you must wait on another planet with nothing else to do. Try this fix if nothing else works.

Reload a save

You can also reload your previously saved game and then play the ‘Into the Unknown’ mission from the start to get the landing marker on Procyon III in Starfield. If none of those mentioned above fixes work, then it is advised to wait for Bethesda to release an official patch and update your game. This will solve Starfield Scanner Anomaly bug.

Wait for a Patch

Since the release, Starfield has not held a good reputation for having the best performance. The game developers Bethesda are very much aware of Into the Unknown Starfield Bug and will release a patch in the future. Until that happens, take a sip of coffee and wait if any of the fixes didn’t work for you.

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