Starfield Hopetown Shipyard Location Guide

The Hopetown Shipyard in Starfield is a good place to visit if you want to make some changes to your Ships.

The Starfield Hopetown shipyard assists you in multiple ways to deal with your ship constraints. It allows you to repair your ship if you are willing to pay due credits for availing of this offer. You may also sell your ship here if you are short on money and want to fuel your Credit bank.

HopeTech in Starfield also offers upgrades for your current ship in case you want to stick with it. Finally, the one stop for all solutions is that it provides alternative ships, ranging from A category to C, each having its perks.

Hopetown Shipyard location in Starfield

Finding the Hopetown Shipyard Location is easy. You must first locate the Valo System inside Starfield’s Gigantic map. There you will find the Polvo planet. At a glance, you will be able to spot the Hopetown settlement. Just click on it and travel to the location.

As you land on the Spaceport, Hopetown Shipyard is visible to you as it is close. Head down the gate, and upon entering it, head towards the right, and you will find Inaya Rehman. You can convince her to show you the ships Hopetech Shipyard in Starfield has.

If you do not feel the need to go all inside the premises of Hopetech, you can interact with another ship services technician NPC located at the gateway of Hopetech. He will also offer similar options, making it easier to get what you need.

All ships you can buy from Hopetown Shipyard

Hopetech in Hopetown Settlement offers you a lot of ships you can choose from. All are ranging in their capabilities. Below are the names and classifications of the ships and their priced credits. The class is mentioned in the parentheses along with the name of the Starfield’s Ship at the Hopetown Shipyard.


These are ships listed by the Ship service Technician at the gateway of Hopetech.

  • Dullahan(C) – 232690 Credits
  • Responder (A) – 58769 Credits
  • Kfir(A) – 93711 Credits
  • Narcissus(A) – 97017 Credits
  • Thresher(A) – 68354 Credits
  • Watchdog(A) – 37800 Credits
  • Achilles(A) – 59871 Credits
  • Shackleton(B) – 116818 Credits

Conversing with Inaya Rehman inside the premises of Hopetown Shipyard in Starfield will lead to another set of ships. The ships are the following:

  • Star Semi(C) – 251190 Credits
  • Spacetruk(B) – 209134 Credits
  • Lil Muv(A) – 95107 Credits
  • Big Rig(B): – 172012 Credits
  • Pik up(A) – 110204 Credits
  • Watch Dog II(A) – 80279 Credits
  • Silent Runner(C) – 351135 Credits

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