How To Cure Burn Affliction In Starfield

Suffering from burns ailment in Starfield without having any success to cure it? Look no further as we will guide you through the hottest period of your spacefaring adventure.

Starfield allows players to explore vast space and planets with zero to no restrictions. However, not everything is sunshine and roses in space. There are a lot of planets in Starfield with extremely harsh environments that can hurt players in more than one way. One such affliction in Starfield is burns. This status ailment delivers damage to players over time, and it doesn’t recover on its own. 

In this guide we will talk about Starfield Burn status ailment in detail, how you can be affected by it, and how to heal burn damage when affected.

How do you get the Burn affliction in Starfield?

There are three main ways in which you can get Burns in Starfield. Firstly, there are several alien enemies that have fire-based attacks. If you get hit by them, you are going to get the Burn affliction and start taking fire damage over time. 

Secondly, be wary about exploring environments with high temperatures. There are planets out there that are past the boiling points.  

Some of the main campaign missions are also going to take you to areas with extremely hot environments. You are likely to get burned if you venture into such areas without proper precautions. 

Lastly, stay clear of any fires. Coming into contact with them is going to immediately give you the Burn affliction in Starfield.


How to heal Burns in Starfield

Like the rest of the ailments in Starfield, there are various ways to fix burns also. Below are the methods/items that you can use to heal yourself effectively from burns in no time.

Visit a doctor

In case you get burns and don’t have any medical supplies on hand, visit a nearby doctor. There is usually a doctor near an outpost, and you can request them to heal you. Make sure that you don’t antagonize the doctor in any way (theft, violence) so they are available to help whenever you visit.

If you are in a bind and can’t find any doctor, just visit New Atlantis and meet Dr. Alexei Lebedev. He will not only heal you for a minimum fee but also provide you with medical supplies that cure burns and a lot of other status ailments in Starfield.

Infused Bandages

You can purchase Infused Bandages for 330 credits each from medical locations like Trade authority. These items are extremely light to carry, and you can hoard them in infinite numbers to cure a multitude of status afflictions in Starfield including burns.

Heal Paste

Heal Paste is a first aid item that can either be purchased or crafted in the game. This item recovers your health and cures most of your status ailments over time including Burns. You can buy this item from Dr. Alexei Lebedev or visit any medical supply centers spread throughout the game.

Antibiotic Paste

You can purchase antibiotic paste for 440 credits each from Reliant Medical Stores. This item cures both burns and frostbite and sometimes it can also cure infections. This makes Antibiotic paste one of the most sought-after items in Starfield.

Investing in Decontamination Skill

Decontamination is a medical skill that you can unlock in Starfield to fix a lot if not all status ailments. This medical skill automatically fixes one status ailment with a high chance of providing resistance against it for a limited time.


This is the surefire way to fix all status ailments in Starfield including burns. You can buy Panacea for 740 credits from the Trade Authority. However, using a panacea to heal burns is a dual-edged sword. It fixes all the status ailments at the cost of 02. This may sound a bit harsh, but it surely beats wandering the galaxy to find a cure for something that slowly eats away at your health. You also recover O2 over time, so it is not a big deal.

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