What To Do With Harvested Organs In Starfield?

The Harvested Organs are a piece of contraband in Starfield that you can sell to the right vendor. Any vendor that can purchase contraband will take this off your hands.

Harvested Organs is a prominent name in Starfield’s list of Contraband items. They can be recovered from dead enemies. They are also found in the possession of various enemies you encounter such as the Space Pirates. As with all other options in the game, you can smuggle and sell this contraband in Starfield.

Harvested Organs are among the top-valued contraband items and can go fetch a whopping 13,500 Credit sale price. So, you must know how to hide contraband in Starfield and then sell it for a quick profit.

How to sell Harvested Organs

Any contraband item such as the Harvested Organs in Starfield, is sellable to a vendor willing to take the risk. The most prominent option among these vendors is the one at The Den in Starfield, present on the planet Chthonia.

If you are caught with these items, you will need to pay the bounty to the authorities and also give up your precious looted items. The planet Chthonia has no scanning systems, so you can quickly get in and out without anybody noticing what you were up to the whole time.

You can also sell the contraband items at the Trade Authority Kiosks. They also accept contraband items at a higher value than most other vendors. At the Volii Alpha system, you can find Kolman Lang on the Neon planet, who will also accept the contraband.

You can also sell your contraband at a space station named The Key in Starfield which orbits the Suorov planet. This station is in the Kryx Star System and is owned by the Crimson Fleet. To sell your merchandise here, you must join the Crimson Fleet first.


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