Freestar Captain’s Log Locations In Starfield

The Freestar Captain's Logs are among the many skill books in Starfield that grant you permanent buffs.

The Freestar Captain’s Logs are a valuable item in Starfield that grants a permanent buff to your character when you read them. These can be quite helpful and make your gaming experience better. You can bring out the full power of your character with these logs.

There are a total of 5 Freestar Captain’s Logs in Starfield. You can pick them up and read them; each one will award you a unique buff. Let us get started on how and where to find them

How to find all Freestar Captain’s Logs in Starfield

Freestar Captain’s Logs are skill books that cannot be purchased and can only be found in the world. They are very rare in the game, so watch for them. Wherever you may find them and pick them up to get a new buff. Most of these skill books are randomly spawned, so there will be no telling where to look.

Some books, like the Freestar Captain’s Logs 2 and 3, have a confirmed spawn point. Others will be in the same area but will require hard work to find. These skill books will show up in your inventory when picked up. They will provide a permanent buff that will stay even if you decide to remove the logs.

Freestar Captain’s Log 1

The first skill book of this collection is a random spawner in the Helium Extraction Facility. 

Freestar Captain’s Log 2

The second skill book has a confirmed spawn at an abandoned Mineral Refinery located on the moon of Toliman II-C in the Toliman System. Land on the moon and walk through the main gate, which connects to the landing pad. Take a left and go straight, and then take a right in the hallway.

The first room on your right will have a two-door cabinet. The one on the left will contain the Freestar Captain’s log in Starfield. This one will permanently increase your carrying capacity by 5kg. 

For some players, we have also discovered that it can spawn on the Indum I planet in the Indum System. You might also want to consider checking it out if you do not find the skill book on the first location. 

Freestar Captain’s Log Book 3

The third skill book has a confirmed spawn at the Akila City Consulate in Akila City in Starfield. Fast travel to the Cheyenne System and land on Akila. Once on the planet, head towards the consulate, which will be northwest of your landing position.

Head straight, then take the left into the market. Head straight up the stairs and then take the left staircase up. At the end of this staircase, the Consulate of Akila City will be on your left. Enter the consulate, and the skill book will be on a little coffee table.

This one will also increase your carrying capacity by 5kg. 

Freestar Captain’s Log 4

The fourth skill book is yet to be confirmed of its location, which means it is also among the random spawners. We have some clues that it is found at an Abandoned Research Outpost. Where this outpost is located, we are yet to receive confirmation. 

Freestar Captain’s Log 5

This one will be specific to only the members of the Freestar Collective Faction. You may be able to find it if you are lucky enough. The whereabouts are still unknown, but reports suggest it can be found at the Mech Factor Command Center. In the Arcturus System, you will find this place on the Arcturus II planet.

This is where you will be completing the First to Fight, First to Die quest in Starfield. This quest will require you to defeat Paxton Hull, a rogue major. This skill book will be present at the fight scene. So keep your eyes peeled and look for it.

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