How To Get Experimental Nishina Spacesuit In Starfield

Nashina Experimental Spacesuit is the best suit for space exploration.

The Experimental Nishina Spacesuit is considered one of the best spacesuits in Starfield due to its amazing stats. It’s good in every aspect and a little chunky in appearance. Unfortunately, the Nishina Spacesuit is harder to find and easily missable for players.

 To ensure this doesn’t happen, follow this guide and get the spacesuit for yourself.

Starfield Experimental Nishina Spacesuit location

Keep playing through the main game until you reach the Entangled Quest. This quest will come near the end of the game when you reach Nishina to retrieve an artifact. The Nishina Laboratory building, where we are most of the time, has twisted reality due to experimentation.

There are two realities, and you switch between both after a while. Once you reach the end near the artifact, you need to remove the machine from the artifact to get it. First, kill all the enemies surrounding this area. This will make moving around easier. Now go to the Computer control room on the top floor. Here, you can end this Starfield quest in three ways.

Ending UniverseTaskResult
Real UniverseActivate the seven switches in the Real universe.Everyone will survive except Rafael. And the parallel universe will vanish.
Parallel UniverseActivate the seven switches in the parallel universe.Everyone will die except Rafael.
Connect Both UniverseActivate Degaussing. Bring frequencies of both universes on equal level.Both universes will stay

What to do in the Control room to get Nishina Spacesuit

Remember that we need to Save Director Patel’s Universe in Starfield to get the Experimental Nishina spacesuit, so a secret ending is needed. In the computer room, select the option to activate Degaussing. Then go back down and turn the power interlock switches on and off. Do this in both universes.

Now, go back to the computer control room and select Frequency Calibration. Here, you’ll get a prompt to make both frequencies equal. This is different for everyone, so keep messing around until you get an equal number for both.

Go to the other universe and do this again. Now activate the primary calibration control by the artifact. Turn it on in both universes. Now, just wait for the experiment to go through. When you wake up, you’ll get the Nishina Spacesuit as a reward.

Starfield Nishina Spacesuit Stats

  • Physical: 89
  • Energy: 121    
  • EM: 105         
  • Thermal: 15
  • Corrosive: 30
  • Airborne: 0
  • Radiation: 15

Nishina Spacesuit has all the statistics to prove that it is one of the best armor in Starfield. It has high physical defense and energy damage reduction. If you want a good suit for space exploration, getting a Nishina spacesuit is the best choice.

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