Starfield Hyla II Ancient Ruins Puzzle Solution

Hyla II ancient ruins puzzle in Starfield is both cryptic and irritating in nature due to lack of information. Follow our guide to complete this puzzle without banging your head in the wall.

Hyla II ancient ruins puzzle in Starfield takes place during the final moments of the main campaign where you must track down the Pilgrim. Once you finish “A High Price to Pay” main quest, your next quest, Unity, starts. The Unity ancient ruins puzzle is a part of this quest and requires you to obtain an important item called “Scorpion Sting” in Starfield. 

In this guide, we will teach you how to complete the most frustrating puzzle of the game. Unity ancient ruin puzzle only becomes available once you break Pilgrim’s computer code and obtain his final journal. Upon reading the journal it directs you to Hyla II planet in the Hyla system (Unity constellation).

How to solve Starfield ancient ruins puzzle on Hyla II

Once you reach Hyla II, you will see a strange alien structure guarded by two giant scorpions. Don’t attack these creatures as they are docile. Once you reach the Unity ancient ruin puzzle structure in Starfield, you will notice a strange constellation on the floor resembling a scorpion. The last star of the constellation represents the tip of the Scorpion’s Tail.

Look up and you will notice a beam of light hitting the ground from the top of the Hylia II ancient ruin structure. This is where you need to figure out what to do as the game doesn’t give you any hint at all. To solve the Unity ancient ruins puzzle, you need to direct the light source on the tail of the constellation.

There is a glyph at the entrance of the ancient ruins light puzzle structure in Starfield that has 4 buttons shaped like the d-pad of a controller. Once you aim at any button, it shows the text “Glyph” and allows you to interact with it. These glyph buttons control the direction of the light. You need to long press the glyph button to move the light source in that direction. A simple press of E on the keyboard or A on the controller won’t do.

Due to the random placement of light sources for everyone, it is difficult to give a definite solution. For me, it was pressing the left glyph twice and the bottom glyph once (hold on them) to reach the tail of the constellation. Once the source of light hits the scorpion’s tail, the Starfield Hylia II ancient ruin puzzle is solved, and you gain access to the next part of the quest.


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