Starfield Eleos Retreat Shipyard Location Guide

If you are close to The Eleos Retreat settlement and facing problems with your ship, don't worry; it has a Shipyard in Starfield.

Like in different Starfield locations, you will find a Shipyard at the Eleos Retreat, where you can modify, upgrade, and buy new ships. Traveling in and out of these systems to get from one planet to another requires a Ship.

The journey does not follow a linear approach as sometimes you can encounter enemies on the way attacking your Ship. This can damage your ship or even put you in exhausting conditions due to its lack of one or some of its capabilities.

The need to modify, sell, or get a new ship arises frequently due to the ever-demanding space journey inside Starfield. To help you out, I just came up with the location of the Shipyard that you can find at the Eleos Retreat.

The Eleos Retreat Shipyard location in Starfield

To find the Ship Services Tech inside the Eleos Retreat settlement, you must first navigate to the Ixyll system. Then, you have to select the Ixyll II planet. Upon momentarily hovering the cursor over the planet, you can spot The Eleos Retreat on Ixyll II.

After getting there, proceed towards the small shop near the crane-like structure. As you advance, you will see a small label of Ship Services Tech, which is the Shipyard at the Starfield Eleos Retreat.

All Ships you can buy from The Eleos Retreat

After entering the Ship service tech, converse with the ship service technician and tell him to show you the list of available ships for sale. In case you can’t figure out what ship suits you the best or what the classes signify about the ship. Dont worry!


Ships in Starfield are categorized into Classes A, B, and C. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Class A is for those who prefer mobility over Firepower, as these classified ships are fast but lack when it comes to firepower in Starfield.

After that, Class B Ships, which you can buy from Starfield The Eleos Retreat Shipyard is the neutral ground in case players want the two-for-one deal, as it has both specialties called firepower and mobility, making it stand out for those who find it hard to choose one statistic over the other.

Class C is a major Firepower house that grants you heavy machinery that can easily demolish your enemies but at the cost of mobility, making it difficult for your ship to dodge attacks. The ships I was presented on my visit to the Eleos Retreat Shipyard are mentioned below with their cost in Credits.

  • Dragonfire(C) – 277580 Credits
  • Kfir(A) – 93711 Credits
  • Echonohaul(A) – 85476 Credits
  • Responder(A) – 58769 Credits
  • Thresher(A) – 68354 Credits
  • Transpo(A) – 51434 Credits
  • Narcissus(A) – 97017 Credits
  • Wanderlust(B) – 148603 Credits

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