Starfield Easter Eggs And Secrets

Starfield is full of Easter Eggs; if you are a fan of finding them, you are at the right place.

While progressing through the storyline of Starfield, you will be able to find many Easter Eggs. These Easter Eggs are a tribute to many famous personalities from the history of mankind as well as from famous games such as Skyrim and Star Wars.

All Easter Eggs and Secrets in Starfield

As said earlier, you will be able to find several Easter Eggs and secrets while playing, which are listed below:

Adoring Fan

Starfield offers players a variety of choices from which they can select their companions, and Adoring Fan is one of them. This Easter Egg is from the game known as “Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.”

From that game, Adoring Fan has made a comeback. The best part is that it is played by the same person, Craig Sechler. You must complete a prerequisite before selecting an Adoring Fan as your companion in Starfield. This is to first join the “Hero Worshipped trait” from the beginning of Starfield.

Alex Hay’s Note

To find Alex Hay’s Note Easter Egg in Starfield, go to the Alpha Centauri planet. Once there, locate the table inside the space station known as “The Eye.” On that table, you will find the Alex Hay’s Note stating:

“To all my friends and fellow explorers. I’m always with you, out there in the Starfield. Love always, Alex Hay.”


If you read the note carefully, you will get to know that Bethesda is referencing a person named Alex. He is one of the die-hard fans of Starfield, but unfortunately, he was able to live long enough to see the game in action. Alex died precisely six months before the Starfield was released to the masses.

For that, the game’s developers have given a tribute to Alex, which you had found as an Easter Egg. He has spent countless hours developing legendary games like “Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim, and the Fallout series.”

Arrow in the knee

In Starfield, the Arrow in the Knee Easter Egg is from the legendary game Skyrim. You can get a skill from that game known as “took an arrow in the knee.”

You can get a similar-looking skill from the Starfield “Crippling Skill.” For that, you need to max out the ranks of this skill.

Curiosity Rover

As you already know, the Curiosity Rover Easter Egg is from the vehicle that was sent to Mars by NASA. Going to the New Atlantis to find the Curiosity Rover in Starfield would be best. Upon getting there, travel inside the Constellation headquarters, where you will be able to find that rover.

Spirit/Opportunity Rover

Starfield Spirit/Opportunity Rover Easter Egg refers to another rover sent by NASA for Mars exploration. Like the Curiosity Rover, you can also find this rover inside the Constellation headquarters.

Real-life astronauts and scientists

For this Easter Egg, the game has paid tribute to the astronauts who have spared their lives for space exploration. This is done by naming the planets of the Alpha Centauri system after the names of Astronauts and Scientists. The names of the planets are listed below:

  • Chawla – “NASA Astronaut Kalpana Chawla, the first woman of Indian origin to go to space, 1997.”
  • Gagarin – “Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, the first man to travel into space, 1961.”
  • Jemison – “NASA Astronaut Mae Jemison, the first black woman in space, 1992.”
  • Olivas – “NASA Astronaut John D. Olivas, who took his first journey to the International Space Station in 2007.”
  • Faraday – “Scientist Michael Faraday, who invented the first electric motor in 1821.”
  • Feynman – “Scientist Richard Feynman, noted for his work in theoretical physics.”
  • Heisenberg – “Scientist Werner Heisenberg, one of the major figures in the history of theoretical physics.”
  • Newton – “Scientist Isaac Newton, who discovered the concept of gravity in 1665.”
  • Schrodinger – “Scientist Erwin Schrödinger, famous for his work in the field of quantum mechanics and the invention of the Schrodinger’s Cat thought experiment.”


In Starfield, Nirnroot is the Easter Egg from the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, used as an ingredient to make potions. To get Nirnroot in Starfield, travel to one of your Hydroponic Lab outposts in outer space.

Apollo 11 moon landing site

For this Easter Egg, they have successfully paid tribute to the first American mission to land on the Moon, Apollo 11. To get to this memorial place in Starfield, you first need to learn about its location from the Lodge in New Atlantis City.

Once there, you need to find the journal in the Library called “Sir Livingstone’s Second Journal.” After that, you will find the way to the Apollo 11 landing site on the moon and access the Apollo Snow Globe.

Face of Mars

You will find the Face of Mars Easter Egg, which refers to the “NASA Viking Orbiter” photo. In this photo, there is an optical illusion that looks like humans are sitting on the Maritan Surface.

To find this photo in Starfield, travel to the statue inside the “Cydonia City Center.” After seeing the statue, you can find a Face on Mars photo hanging on the wall behind it.

Meridia’s Beacon

You can find a quest item from Meridia’s Beacon quest from Skyrim for this Starfield Easter Egg. In Starfield, it is named “Space Rock,” and you can find it inside the “Direct on Display.” Remember that this asteroid will only be displayed for less than a second at exactly 42:45.

Lord of the Rings Po-tay-toe

Starfield has given a tribute to a quote from the Lord of the Ring: The Two Towers for this Easter Egg. To find this quote in Starfield, you must find any potato from the United Colonies.  

Doing so, you will be able to find the uses of potatoes in the quote stating, “Can be prepared many ways. Boiled, mashed, used in a stew – the recipes are nearly limitless”. You will also find a quote in which he stated various preparation methods: “PO-TAY-TOES. Boil ’em, mash ’em, stick ’em in a stew.”

The Clones of Charybdis III

The Clones of Charybdis III Easter Egg references Amelia Earhart from Star Trek: Voyager. During the game, she was rescued by Captain Janeway after being kidnapped by the Briori.

To find this Easter Egg, you need to start a quest after making it inside the Charybdis III planet. During this quest, you can appoint Amelia Earhart as a companion after ending the war between “Franklin D. Roosevelt, Genghis Khan, and Amanirenas.”

John Williams reference

For this Easter Egg, they have given tribute to the famous composer “William Johns.” He was a renowned composer who wrote soundtracks for movies such as “Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park, and Harry Potter.”

His reference is found inside one of the many posters pasted across the walls of the Starfield United Colonies.

The Elder Scrolls VI map

In Starfield, an easter egg states the full in-game map of The Elder Scrolls VI map. You must find your ship’s control panel to find this Easter Egg. After that, you can locate the Elder Scroll map engraved behind the screw of the ship.

History in the Space Flight Museum

While playing the Unearthed mission in Starfield, you can find the reference to Earth as an Easter Egg. You can enter the Space Flight Museum as part of the mission objectives. Once there, you will find a reference to Earth.

Public domain books

For this Easter Egg, you will find a tribute to the legendary authors from the history of mankind. To find these authors, you need to find Public Domain Books inside the Library located in the lodge. By doing so, you can find names such as “Charles Dickens, Herman Melville, Matthew Arnold, and H.G. Wells.”

Star Trek connections

After choosing the “Kid Stuff trait,” you will be able to find the Easter Eggs, which is a tribute to “Nana Visitor” and “Tim Russ” from Star Trek. You can hear their exact voices from the NPC named “Mom” and “Dad.”  

Cowboy Bebop

Lastly, you will find an Easter Egg in Starfield, a tribute to the “Cowboy Bepop” anime. For that, you need to start a mission named Missed Beyond Measure. Doing so, you can hear the line “See you, space cowboy” from the anime.

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