Starfield Cruth Survey Guide

Cruth in Starfield is a Frozen planet you will find in the Narion Star System.

Cruth is one of the Planets in Starfield that you can visit and explore to complete its 100% survey. It is the seventh planet in the Narion Star System. During these scans, you will find “fauna, flora, and resources.” The survey data you gathered from Cruth can be sold for Credit and Research items to the Vendors.

How to 100% Survey Cruth in Starfield

You must complete the Survey Checklist for a 100% Survey Score on Cruth. This Survey Checklist will appear once you pre-scan the planet inside the menu. The Survey Checklist includes items such as “fauna, flora, and resources” and traits.

To complete the survey, you need to scan every nook and cranny of the Cruth planet using your scanner. While scanning the whole planet, your job would be much easier if you had upgraded your Scanner Skill. Doing this will allow you to scan up to 40 Meters.

After that, you can scan all the items that Cruth Planet features. You will then find a Starfield Cruth Survey Checklist on the left side of the Heads Up Display. You will see the “Blue Outline” along the item once you find the item not scanned yet. After that, you must scan the item by pressing the scan button.

The “Blue Outline” on the scanner will turn into the “Green Outline” once the scan is complete. You will also see the item on the Survey Checklist on the left side.

Cruth Survey Checklist

After visiting Cruth, you will find a Survey Checklist that you must complete by scanning different items. The items that you will find in the Cruth Survey Checklist are listed below:

Antimony (Sb)Mountain“Antimony is a resource that your character can farm to craft and equip powerful modifications to your best weapons.”
Copper (Cu)Mountain“Chlorine is an uncommon inorganic resource used to unlock research projects, upgrade your gear, and build various Outpost.”
Fluorine (F)Mountain“Fluorine is an uncommon inorganic resource that can be used in a number of crafting recipes.”
Water (H20)Mountain“Water is one of the fundamental requirements for life, which is used in research projects at the Research Laboratory.”
Gold (Au)Mountain“Gold is a rare resource which can be used to craft weapons, armor, consumables, structures.”

All Flore and Fauna on Cruth

Some planets in Starfield do not feature flora or fauna due to their barren habitat; therefore, you will not find any Fauna in Cruth.

How to Find Resources on Cruth in Starfield

While exploring the Cruth planet, you will find many resources, and all of them are listed below:

  • Antimony (Sb)
  • Copper (Cu)
  • Fluorine (F)
  • Water (H20)
  • Gold (Au)

After pre-scanning Cruth for resources, you will find that the resource-rich area is Frozen Dunes. Choose this biome from the list and land your spaceship there. After landing there, you will find Copper (Cu) alongside the big snowy rocks.

Make your way to the east side of the Snowy Dunes, where you will find Gold (Au) alongside a boulder in the snow. From there, you need to make your way to the unknown location called “Ice Cropping,” where you will find Fluorine (F) and Copper (Cu).

On the other side of Cruth, you will find a place marked as “Structure,” where you will find Water (H20). To Find Antimony (Sb), you must go to the “Fracking Station”. Once there, you will find it alongside the cave, which will complete 100% Survey of Cruth in Starfield, and the list will be marked as “Surveyed.”

All Biomes on Cruth in Starfield

While roaming around Cruth, you will find a couple of biomes, which are listed below:

  • Frozen Dunes
  • Mountain

How to discover Cruth Traits

After scanning Cruth Moon for Traits, you will find no trait, as it does not feature anything besides the resources.

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