Starfield Camulus Legendary Battleship Fight Guide

Defeating the Camulus Legendary Battleship in Starfield will take more than you can offer

The interstellar world of Starfield is filled with factions and mysteries. You can collect strange and powerful artifacts, meet distant hostile civilizations, and explore planets. You can even visit Earth in Starfield. Similarly, you will fight powerful spaceships and enemies throughout your adventures, including taking on the Legendary Battleship Camulus in Starfield.

It appears randomly while playing Starfield. Once it does, you will start a side mission that will prompt you to destroy it. But facing the ship comes with its own sets of challenges.

The Camulus is a legendary ship, and it is challenging to defeat it. However, in this guide, we will show you, how you can destroy the ship and get the rewards.

How to Defeat the Camulus Legendary Battleship in Starfield

You can defeat the Camulus Legendary Battleship in Starfield after you unlock the side mission Legendary Ship: Destroy Ecliptic Battleship Camulus. You will randomly get it at any time point during Starfield. You can then go on to defeat the ship.

However, the ship will be extremely powerful, and you will have to take certain precautions that will help you defeat it with relative ease. It also has 2 hosts that accompany it, and each one of them can turn you to rubble with the snap of a finger.

You need to have the maximum level of spaceship pilot perk. As well as the hardest-hitting laser and latest equipment on your ship to even have a chance of taking this behemoth of a machine on.


Even if you randomly encounter the Camulus in Starfield early on, simply ignore it and wait. Once you have reached an adequate level, only then do you try to defeat it. Here are a few ways you can defeat this legendary Camulus in Starfield.

Cat and mouse strategy

You can try the cat-and-mouse strategy to defeat the legendary Camulus. For this to work, you have to be agile and a quick thinker. After discovering the ship, attack, and defeat one of the support ships, power up your Grav Drive, and Warp out of the system. Once you are out of the system, you can repair your ship and return.

Repeat this until only the main ship remains, and continue to chip away at its health slowly. Make sure to repair your ship whenever you warp out of the system. The ship does heavy damage. It has approximately 20-30 lasers constantly focused on you, and they fire with laser accuracy.

Keep playing this game of cat and mouse, and ultimately you will defeat the ship. This process will be slow, but it is a tried and tested strategy.

Han Solo Strategy

For this strategy, you need to be an Ace pilot, the maverick of Starfield. Make sure you have the best ships in Starfield you can pilot with maxed-out guns, turrets, lasers, and ship defenses. In this way, you will be outmaneuvering and out-fighting them. This will be an exhilarating dog fight in the game.

For this strategy to work, first try and chase and dodge the supporting ships. Make sure to stay out of the range of the support ships by going around in circles. Using this, defeat the ships until only the Camulus remains. After that, first focus on destroying the weapons system of the gun.

As it will lose its offense, focus all of your power on damaging the ship’s hull. After that, just continue chipping at the health of the ship until it is no more.

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