How To Build The Borg Cube In Starfield

Building the Borg Cube from the Star Trek.

Starfield has the option of customization for everything, including the spaceships. One of these famous structures for spaceships in Starfield is the Borg Cube from Star Trek. It is a cube-shaped functional spaceship made up of salvaged Borg vessels previously destroyed or useless.

In appearance, it is a black cube with gray highlights and a few pieces with neon green accents. We must remember this appearance for this ship-making, and the interior doesn’t matter for the final look.

How to build the Star Trek Borg Cube

To make a Borg Cube in Starfield, you only need Habitat Modules. You need them at the outer edge to form a square with all the essential ship parts inside. Dedicate each layer to certain useful parts and keep them compact as much as possible.

For a basic understanding, have the parts divided into layers according to their purpose. Remember to keep the structure under a 1:1 ratio to stay a cube.

The base layer should have a Landing Gear and a Landing Bay in the center. This will allow the ship to be accessible from the land. Also, add an Engine Bracer similar to the landing bay so it fits. You can add other items, like a Cargo hold on the other side if there is space.

From this layer onwards, you can choose whatever you want to use and add it in. Just make sure the parts fit together. Add Engines, Shield Generator, Grav Drive, Fuel Tank, and Reactor according to how it fits in Starfield. A part can also take two levels in height only if it fits inside the square structure. Don’t forget to add a cockpit so the crew can drive it.

Make sure to cover each layer in surrounding Habitat Modules. This will keep the spaceship consistent in size as a cube. The ship would have six layers in total for the size to be a perfect cube, so add anything you want to it. Also, add other connecting modules that can connect the layers and break up the similar structure for more definition.

Finally, ensure the statistics are good enough for the ship in Starfield to work. The mobility, speed, shield, etc should all be of a medium-range so that this spaceship can be more than just a model. Now add some Weapon Modules over the outer structure. The suggested type of Weapon Modules is Auto Beam modules, which are slim enough to blend in with the cube structure.

Once done, stack up all the layers if you’ve built them separately and see if it’s a cube. Double-check the stats by flying it in a clear area. If it’s working well, congrats, you’ve got yourself a flying cube.

What to consider while building Borg Cube in Starfield?

You may need to consider some things before building the Borg Cube. These points are needed for the spaceship to be functional and used like other spaceships.

  1. Find the right size and then make a square around it so you know beforehand how many layers it would take to be a full cube. Try different sizes and see which one can fit all the essentials.
  2. Make sure all the parts are of the same size. This will make fitting inside the layers easier. Also, the stacking would be much more linear. If you have a part that can fit higher and take up space for two layers, build other parts around it.
  3. The outer parts, like Weapon Modules, can be positioned so that they don’t change the shape of the spaceship in Starfield.
  4. According to it, keep an eye on stats and add parts like Engines, Grav Drive, Shields, etc.
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