Fallout 76 Weapons Guide – Best Weapons, Weapon Mods, Stats, Tips

With so many weapons at your disposal, it can sometimes get difficult to find best weapons in a game like Fallout 76.

There are a lot of weapons which can be used in Fallout 76. These weapons are very different from one another and divided into various different categories which are used for different purposes. Our Fallout 76 Weapons Guide will be taking you through all of the weapons one by one so that you are aware of their stats.

Fallout 76 Weapons

Before we look at all of the weapons and what their stats are, let’s look at some of the weapons that you should be prioritizing right from the get-go.

These weapons are quite overpowered and learning to use them effectively can grant you massive benefits.

Combat Shotgun
This gun is perfect whether you are dealing with monsters or other players. The only drawback is that it is short ranged so you need to be in the face of enemies.

For that reason, this gun works best if you are aggressive and get up close to deal damage.

Gauss Rifle
This gun utilizes ballistic damage and can be charged in order to deal more damage to enemies. The gun is perfect for medium ranged combat and charging it will lead to massive destruction of anything that is in your path.


Laser Rifle
Laser Rifle is an energy weapon that will be primarily used for dealing with robots.

There are a lot of robots in the game and having a gun that has energy as well as is by far the most accurate one in the game is going to be very beneficial at all stages of the game. Combine the gun with VATS for maximum effect.

M2 Browning
The gun uses 50.cal bullets that can be uranium-depleted so that they deal extra damage. These bullets have very high penetration and can be used at extremely long range to take down enemies as well as Scorchbeasts and robots.


Weapon NameBase DMGFire RateRangeAccuracyWeight
Pipe Pistol126084554
Pipe Revolver27584623
Pipe Bolt-Action Pistol40396633
10mm Pistol1643120633.3
Snubnosed .44 Pistol40684735.2
Single Action Revolver
Flare Gun53147752
Black Powder Pistol1152204663
.44 Pistol49684624.3
10 mm SMG129184476.2
Enclave Plasma Gun18331201464
Gamma Gun3367228693.1
Laser Pistol1050120714
Plasma Pistol20331201434
Sub Machine Gun129184486.15
Ultracite Laser Pistol2450120704
Voice of Set56684674.6
Western Revolver676120655.3


Weapon NameBase DMGFire RateRangeAccuracyWeight
Hunting Rifle403132656.6
Combat Rifle27331206111.2
Laser Rifle
Assault Rifle17401206513.2
Handmade Rifle20401206513.6
Lever Action Rifle825123659
Radium Rifle30401205711.9


Weapon NameBase DMGFire RateRangeAccuracyWeight
Pump Action Shotgun55536247.7
Double-barrel Shotgun873618009.6
Combat Shotgun6120721011.9

Heavy Weapons

Weapon NameBase DMGFire RateRangeAccuracyWeight
Missile Launcher12443956521
50 Cal Machine Gun18912043628.8
Fat Man47341176120.5
Gatling Gun271051204928.4
Gatling Laser92732044819.4
Gatling Plasma16912042330.6
Tesla Rifle4840120718.2
Ultracite Gatling Laser162732044819.4

Melee Weapons

Weapon NameBase DMGSpeedWeight
Combat Knife9Fast1
Bowie Knife11Fast1
Lead Pipe15Medium3
Pipe Wrench16Medium2
Ski Sword44Medium3
Guitar Sword40Medium3
Chinese Officer’s Sword25Medium3
Commie Whacker6Medium2
Boxing Glove23Medium1
Baseball Bat.2Slow3
Walking Cane22Medium2
Golf Club25Slow3
Pool Cue37Slow1
Multi-Purpose Axe27Slow4
Fire Axe42Slow3
Ancient Blade24Medium3
Assaultron Blade32Medium3
Blade of Bastet53Medium3
Cultist Blade29Medium3
Cultist Dagger20Fast1
Death Tambo28Medium0.5
Deathclaw Gauntlet48Medium10
Grant’s Saber26Medium3
Lead Pipe17Medium3
Mole Miner Gauntlet33Medium15
Pole Hook46Slow7
Power Fist48Medium4
Revolutionary Sword25Medium3
Rolling Pin15Medium1
Security Baton23Medium2
Tire Iron22Medium2
War Drum45Slow20

Throwing Weapons and Mines

Weapon NameBase DMGRangeWeight
Throwing Knives75120.25
Molotov Cocktail50 (8 Burning)940.5
Baseball Grenade12594`1
Fragmentation Grenade150940.5
Plasma Grenade200, 200 (Energy)940.5
Fragmentation Mine150940.5
Pulse Mine175, 175 (Energy)940.5
Cryogenic Grenade100940.5
Hallucigen Gas Grenade1941
Nuka Grenade250940.5
Nuka Quantum Grenade300940.5
Orbital Strike Beacon1941
Pulse Grenade175940.5
Pumpkin Grenade80940.5
Cryo Mine175940.5
Fragmentation Mine150940.5
Nuke Mine250940.5
Plasma Mine200940.5

Explosive Weapons

Weapon NameBase DMGFire RateRangeAccuracyWeight
M79 Grenade Launcher924120188.9

Legendary Weapon Effects

You have a chance of getting Legendary Weapon Effects if you defeat a strong enemy which has stars near its name. This equipment offers you extra bonuses as well as buffs when being used.

There is a modifier in the name which lets you identify whether or not the item is legendary. Let’s take a look at the modifier names and what the do:

  • Anti-Scorched: 25% extra damage vs Scorched enemies but 20% less against all other enemies.
  • Anti-Armor: 50% armor is ignored.
  • Assassin’s: 10% damage increase to players.
  • Berserker’s: The lower your Damage Resistance, the higher your damage.
  • Bloodied: More damage when low health.
  • Concussive: 33% increased chance of VATS hitting.
  • Executioner’s: 50% increase in damage vs low health targets.
  • Explosive: Bullets explode dealing 15 AoE damage.
  • Exterminator’s: Mirelurks and bugs take 50% more damage.
  • Furious: Consecutive hits on a target increase your damage.
  • Ghoul Slayer’s: 50% more damage dealt to ghouls.
  • Hunter’s: 50% more damage dealt to animals.
  • Instigating: 2x damage against full health targets.
  • Junkie’s: More damage if you have chem withdrawal effects.
  • Mutant’s: 10% increase in damage if you are mutated.
  • Mutant Slayer’s: 30% increase in damage to Super Mutants.
  • Never Ending: Unlimited ammo capacity.
  • Nocturnal: More damage during the night.
  • Stalker’s: 100% VATS accuracy when not in combat but 50% more AP cost.
  • Suppressor’s: Enemies deal 20% less damage for 3 seconds.
  • Troubleshooter’s: 30% increase in damage to robots.
  • Two Shot: Your gun fires an additional projectile.
  • Zealot’s: 30% increase in damage to Ghouls.

Weapon Mods

You can craft mods and then apply them to your weapons in order to modify them. There can only be one mod of a single type on one weapon. Simply craft the mods using the required items when you are at one of the workbenches in the game.

Mods are necessary once you get to the later stages of the game. Let’s go ahead and take a look at all of the mod types in Fallout 76.

Gun Mods

  • Receivers: Also known as the Capacitor, receivers increase your damage and give you other benefits such as critical hit chance. Use these mods for more damage.
  • Barrels: You need to have an automatic barrel in order to make sure your automatic weapon can actually work as an automatic one. Same goes for the sniper rifle and the sniper barrel.
  • Grips: Grips, together with stocks help stabilize a weapon and ensure your guns are more accurate as well as have longer range.
  • Magazines: Magazines can affect the size, as well as the amount of bullets and the reload speed that you have. Definitely a must have for your gun.
  • Sights: It should be quite obvious, they help you aim better at both short and long range.
  • Muzzles: Muzzles can help you in many situations. Bayonets can be make your weapon melee, Suppressors hide sound and Compensators reduce the recoil. Great stuff!
  • Paint: You can paint your mods.

Material Mods
These mods might be seen as paint mods, but they can also increase damage by changing the material that is used on the weapon. Currently, these mods are only available for Rolling Pin and the Baseball Bat

Upgrade Mods
These mods increase your damage and often the damage type as well. They occasionally end up helping armor penetration too, literally changing the way a weapon is used.

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