How To Assign Ship Weapons To A Group In Starfield

To fix the unassigned weapons error in Starfield, you need to assign ship weapons to groups.

Starfield lets you assign weapons to three groups on your ship named W0, W1, and W2. While building the ship inside the Flight Deck, you need to assign any weapon for each one of the categories. Failing to do so will cause an error stating the same thing.

How to resolve Unassigned Weapon Error

In Starfield, to assign a Ship weapon to a group, you need to follow the simple steps given below:

  • Enter Starfield’s Ship Builder or Flight Deck menu by pressing the “C Key.”
  • After that, you will find all the weapons assigned to different groups. To swap the weapon to your selected group, press the “T Key” or “RB button.”
  • Doing so will make the weapons move, and you can assign them to any group.
  • Each ship has three weapons groups “W0, W1 and W2“. Each list needs at least one weapon inside for you to move. Otherwise, you will see an “Assign Ship Weapon to a Group” Error.

Following the method mentioned above will allow you to assign weapons to a group on the ship and clear the error.

Benefits of assigning Ship weapons to a group in Starfield

By assigning Ship weapons to a group in Starfield, you are essentially organizing weapons into groups. The main benefit would be time-saving, as you already know that your long-range weapon is in the W0. On the other hand, you can assign different types of weapons to other groups.

Assigning weapons also lets you switch weapons with just a button click. You can then essentially bash enemies with a variety of attacks. All your focus will be on the enemy without worrying about finding the weapon from the long list.

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