Where Should You Build Armillary In Starfield?

The Armillary is a storage that will have your artifacts in the game. You can build it either on your ship or on the outpost.

The Armillary is a storage device in Starfield that stores all the artifacts you collect in the game. You will be tasked with building one about halfway through the quest A High Price to Pay in Starfield. This mission involves the United Colonies’ faction.

The location of the Armillary can be key in keeping it safe as it attracts other characters, namely Starborn faction members. They are after the artifacts you have collected. The Armillary can either be built on your ship or any other outpost of your choosing. Both options have different implications and outcomes.

Should You Build the Armillary on Your Ship in Starfield?

If you choose to build the Armillary on your Starfield ship, then you should go to your pilot’s seat first. There should be a panel on the right side of it. When you walk up to it an option will pop up allowing you to build it there. You do not require any materials or credits to build it here.

Every time you acquire a new artifact walk up to the Armillary and deposit it there. Since this option means the Armillary is right on your ship, you must be present to defend it every time it is attacked. And since you are there, you will rest easy knowing it is safe.

Furthermore, this option connects the Armillary to your ship’s Grav Drive in Starfield. This will allow you to pull off a quick escape when needed. However, ensure your ship is well-equipped as far as its defenses are concerned because you will be attacked occasionally.

Should you Build the Armillary on an Outpost in Starfield?

On the other hand, you can build the Armillary on any outpost of your choosing. This does require some resources, but on the flip side, you can choose where to place it. You can place it strategically near a mountainous region to defend it from one side.


In addition to the resources required to build the Armillary itself, you must invest some credits and resources to build up defenses and blockades to keep it safe. You cannot be present at your outpost 24/7 so you cannot defend it yourself. However, you can shift the odds in your favor by stationing a few of your trusty companions to the outpost. This will further bolster your defenses.

Choose wisely, however, as your Armillary will be left to the mercy of these defenses and your selected crew members. Whatever option you choose, your Armillary will be attacked by the Starborn faction occasionally. There is no set time for their attack patterns as they randomly appear.

Considering all factors, we can conclude that the best place to build the Armillary is on your ship. It is the safer option overall and allows you to have your artifacts safe and with you at all times. Choosing to build the armillary on your ship in Starfield saves you from the constant worry of having your artifacts safe.

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