Starfield Locked Door And Pilgrims Computer Puzzle Solution

To get Pilgrim's Stuff in Starfield, you need to get inside a locked door by solving the Pilgrims Computer Puzzle.

Solving the Pilgrims’ Computer Puzzle is part of Starfield’s Unity mission, giving you access to the locked door. During the mission, you need to learn all about the Starborn Artifact. For that, you need to access the locked door, which will give you Pilgrim Notes and help you learn about the Artifact.

All answers for Starfield Locked Door and Pilgrims Computer Puzzle

You must solve the Pilgrim Computer puzzle as part of the Unity Mission in Starfield. This puzzle is linked to a locked door; you must unlock it to access the Pilgrim Stuff.

To access the Pilgrim Computer puzzle in Starfield, you must use the ship to the Indum II planet. After getting there, you need to land your ship in the landing zone called Pilgrim’s Rest. You must then follow the quest maker on the map to reach Pilgrim’s Rest.

After getting inside, you need to search for clues for which you need to find a book named “Pilgrim’s Writing 1“. Doing so, you will gain access to a shack where you can access the computer to initiate the Pilgrim Computer Puzzle. You must select the “Unlock Personal Room” button on the computer.

After that, you will get four questions on the screen, for which you can find all the answers below:

Question 1

For the first question, you would get “If you came seeking the right answers, you will know what question to ask.


The correct answer to this question is, “What is the Unity?

Question 2

Pilgrims Computer will ask, “I return your question with a question. If you have read my writings, what is the burden of people?” for the second question.

You can answer with “People are necessary. But people are madness.

Question 3

For the third question, you will be asked, “Who is your most formidable opponent?

You can answer that by selecting “Myself.”

Question 4

Lastly, Pilgrims Computer will ask, “Where does enduring contentment come from?

You can answer that with “In stopping. In embracing compassion.

If you answer all the questions correctly, as mentioned above, you will be granted access to the final room. After getting inside, you will gain access to the Pilgrim Wrote in Starfield. If, for any reason, you select the wrong answer from the question, you will get another chance to go through with it again.

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